The Ultimate 1920s Slang Quiz
by Staff
Hiya, Bazooka dee! What's the blow? Okay, those are actually made-up slang words that mean nothing to those in this decade or the 1920s. But if you want to learn actual slang of flappers and bootleggers, you've come to the right quiz.

If someone says "nerts!" to you, they're saying:

  • "Huh! Crazy!"
  • "go to hell"
  • "I love you"

What do you need if you ask for some clams?

  • actual clams
  • some money
  • prostitutes

What's another '20s slang term for money?

  • cabbage
  • kale
  • both

What might an "embalmer" do in the 1920s?

  • embalm dead people
  • bootleg
  • both

If you look spiffy, you look:

  • clean
  • real nice and elegant
  • drunk

If something is ducky, it’s:

  • rotten
  • silly
  • great

If your dogs hurt, you're feeling pain:

  • in your hands
  • in your feet
  • in your legs

What's a 1920s term that means "woman?"

  • tomato
  • glass
  • putter

If you're stuck on somebody, you're:

  • You're literally stuck on them.
  • You're angry at them.
  • sweet on them

If you tell someone they're all wet, you mean:

  • They're beautiful.
  • They're simple.
  • They're wrong.

If you order a brown plaid, you'll get:

  • a rare steak
  • a Scotch
  • a warm beer

What kind of a person would be called a bimbo in the 1920s?

  • a flaky woman
  • a tough guy
  • an old lady

A palooka is:

  • a terrible boxer
  • a big oaf
  • both

If you're annoyed with an insulting comment in the 1920s, you might retort:

  • "Buzzlepop"
  • "To the moon."
  • "So's your old man."

A female bootlegger was called a:

  • boot lady
  • hoochie mama
  • snake charmer

The term "milquetoast" came about in the 1920s because of a:

  • famous French flapper
  • a popular song
  • comic strip character

If you're on a toot, you're:

  • unemployed
  • with a ladyfriend
  • on a drinking binge

If someone tells you "don't take any wooden nickels," they mean:

  • don't spend too much money
  • don't be dumb
  • don't eat old mayonnaise

If you're wearing cheaters, you're wearing:

  • shoes
  • a bra
  • eyeglasses

If everything is Jake, it's:

  • all fine
  • extremely messed up
  • terrible

We all know the term "the cat's pajamas," but where did it come from?

  • Cats used to wear trendy sleepclothes pre-20th century.
  • Nobody really knows.
  • The term evolved from the phrase "the Queen Catherine's gown."

What's another nonsense exclamation used in the 1920s?

  • "tellaguy!"
  • "gobbadoo!"
  • "horsefeathers!"

Name "The Simpsons" quote that borrows from 1920s slang.

  • "Pray for Mojo"
  • "Now you're on the trolley!"
  • "Don't have a cow, man."

If someone says, "tell it to Sweeney" they mean:

  • tell it to someone more gullible than me
  • You're guilty.
  • go away

A "sheik" was:

  • a rich man
  • an ambitious man
  • an irresistible man

An especially excellent thing or person is:

  • a Darb
  • an egg
  • a fella

What's another word that means "nonsense?"

  • doobledee
  • bushwa
  • grippydoo

If you cast a kitten, you:

  • throw a fit
  • do something cute
  • nurse a black eye

If you're at a blind pig, you're:

  • on a blind date
  • at a speakeasy
  • having breakfast

If you're zozzled, you're:

  • drunk
  • insane
  • the best