Guess the '80s Hit Song from Its Opening Line
by Staff
It wasn't all big hair and big ballads (although there were a lot of those, too). Can you guess these hit '80s songs from their first lines?

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone…"

  • "Holiday"
  • "Like a Prayer"
  • "Like a Virgin"

"I know there's something in the wake of your smile…"

  • "Joyride"
  • "Listen to Your Heart"
  • "The Look"

"She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene…"

  • "Rio"
  • "Never Let Me Down Again"
  • "Billie Jean"

"Color me your color, baby…"

  • "Call Me"
  • "Magic"
  • "Sailing"

"You put the boom boom into my heart…"

  • "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
  • "Missing You"
  • "Out of Touch"

"Tonight it's very clear, 'cause we're both lying here…"

  • "Sara"
  • "Venus"
  • "Glory of Love"

"End of passion play, crumbling away…"

  • "Master of Puppets"
  • "Breakin' the Law"
  • "Round and Round"

"God money I'll do anything for you…"

  • "Love in Vein"
  • "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
  • "Head Like a Hole"

"And you may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack…"

  • "Upside Down"
  • "Sailing"
  • "Once in a Lifetime"

"Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night…"

  • "Born to Run"
  • "Atlantic City"
  • "Burning"

"Shot like an arrow going through my heart…"

  • "When I'm With You"
  • "Miss You Much"
  • "You Give Love a Bad Name"

"Dig if you will the picture..."

  • "Keep On Loving You"
  • "I Love a Rainy Night"
  • "When Doves Cry"

"When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low…"

  • "Human"
  • "Invisible Touch"
  • "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

"I guess this time you're really leaving…"

  • "I'll Be There For You"
  • "The Magic Number"
  • "Rip It Up"

"Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me…"

  • "Magic"
  • "Funkytown"
  • "New York City"

"We don't need no education…"

  • "About a Girl"
  • "Rock With You"
  • "Another Brick in the Wall"

"Looking in your eyes I see a paradise…"

  • "Everywhere"
  • "Shipbuilding"
  • "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

"Honey don't walk out I'm too drunk to follow…"

  • "Straight to Hell"
  • "Rebels"
  • "On My Own"

"Who's that gigolo on the street…"

  • "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"
  • "Buffalo Stance"
  • "Maneater"

"Spare a little candle, save some light for me…"

  • "Sara"
  • "Live to Tell"
  • "These Dreams"

"See the stone set in your eyes…"

  • "Greatest Love of All"
  • "With or Without You"
  • "Holding Back the Years"

"I come from down in the valley…"

  • "Who Can It Be Now"
  • "Down Under"
  • "The River"

"Now there's a backseat lover that's always under cover…"

  • "The Reflex"
  • "Walk This Way"
  • "What's Love Got to Do With It"

"Driving down those city streets, waiting to get down..."

  • "Everyday is Like Sunday"
  • "Monkey Gone to Heaven"
  • "Pull Up to the Bumper"

"Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach…"

  • "The Boys of Summer"
  • "Missing You"
  • "Maniac"

"Toe to toe, dancing very close…"

  • "Private Eyes"
  • "Kiss On My Lips"
  • "Rapture"

"Once upon a time not so long ago…"

  • "Invisible Touch"
  • "Addicted to Love"
  • "Livin' On a Prayer"

"Caught you lookin' for the same thing…"

  • "Heaven"
  • "The Power of Love"
  • "Don't Believe the Hype"

"How does it feel to treat me like you do?"

  • "Kiss"
  • "Blue Monday"
  • "Separate Lives"

"She's got a smile it seems to me…"

  • "Sweet Child O' Mine"
  • "One More Try"
  • "Wild, Wild West"