Founding Fathers: The Aaron Burr Quiz
by Staff
Aaron Burr is intriguing — he fought in the Revolutionary War, ran for president multiple times and was ultimately arrested for treason. How much do you know about this Founding Father?

Where was Aaron Burr born?

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

At what age was Burr orphaned?

  • 2
  • 8
  • 16

Before Burr decided to study law, what was his career path?

  • theology
  • medicine
  • literature

When Burr was in the Continental Army, he marched to Quebec with this general.

  • Nathanael Greene
  • the Marquis de Lafayette
  • Benedict Arnold

Burr was promoted to captain after the Battle of Quebec and was asked to work in New York for ____________.

  • John Adams
  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson

Burr was promoted to this rank in July 1777.

  • lieutenant colonel
  • major
  • brigadier general

Why did Burr resign from the army?

  • He was wounded.
  • He disagreed with Washington.
  • He was tired and sick.

What was Burr's first elected position?

  • mayor
  • state assemblyman
  • senator

What was one of Burr's policy objectives when he was an assemblyman?

  • taxing the rich
  • ending the war with England
  • abolition of slavery

Burr held two more positions before he ran for president in 1796: New York attorney general and ________.

  • senator
  • congressman
  • secretary of state

How did Burr do in the 1796 presidential election?

  • He won, but then lost after a recount.
  • He came in second.
  • He came in fourth.

What happened in the 1800 election?

  • Burr came in fourth again.
  • Burr won, but then lost after a recount.
  • He tied with Thomas Jefferson.

What position did Burr end up with?

  • secretary of state
  • speaker of the house
  • vice president

While he was vice president, Burr famously killed Alexander Hamilton in an 1804 duel. Why didn't Burr and Alexander Hamilton like each other?

  • Hamilton accused Burr of taking bribes when he was an assemblyman.
  • Burr took Hamilton's father-in-law's senate seat.
  • Hamilton insulted Burr's wife.

Who challenged whom to the duel?

  • Burr challenged Hamilton.
  • Hamilton challenged Burr.
  • They challenged each other simultaneously.

Where was the duel?

  • Washington D.C.
  • New York
  • New Jersey

Why was it there?

  • because it was convenient to their homes
  • because dueling carried the death penalty in New York
  • because there was more room for spectators at the Weehawken location

Who in Hamilton's family had been killed in a duel in that very spot a few years earlier?

  • his son
  • his father
  • his brother

This was Burr's second duel. Who was his first opponent?

  • his wife's cousin
  • his neighbor
  • Hamilton's brother-in-law

Where did Burr shoot Hamilton?

  • in the face
  • in the abdomen
  • in the chest

What did Burr do immediately after the duel?

  • went to the hospital with Hamilton
  • went home for breakfast
  • tried to flee to Canada

Was Burr charged with murder?

  • yes
  • no

After Burr finished his term as vice president, what did he do?

  • He ran for governor of New York.
  • He went to live in London.
  • He tried to start a new political party.

Did he win?

  • yes
  • no

Why did people get so mad with Burr when he founded the Bank of Manhattan Company?

  • It was supposed to be a water company, not a bank.
  • It was supposed to be a hospital, not a bank.
  • It was supposed to be a ship-building company, not a bank.

What is that bank known as today?

  • Bank of America
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Merrill Lynch

Who called Burr "the most restless, impatient, artful, indefatigable and unprincipled intriguer in the United States, if not the world."

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • John Adams
  • George Washington

Burr had a portrait of this female author hanging over his mantel.

  • Mary Wollstonecraft
  • Sarah Jennings Churchill
  • Elizabeth Robinson Montagu

Why was Burr arrested for treason in 1807?

  • He tried to start a coup against Jefferson.
  • He was plotting to murder George Washington.
  • Jefferson thought he was planning to steal territory.

How old was Burr when he died?

  • 62
  • 80
  • 96