The Ultimate Acadia National Park Quiz
by Staff
One of the more impressive and dramatic tourist attractions, the Acadia National Park is located off the central coast of Maine. While visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities ranging from absorbing history in the museum to cruising the lakes, you can enjoy a virtual visit by taking this quiz.

When is the Winter Visitor Center open?

  • during the winter months
  • all year-round
  • May through October

What facilities does the park offer?

  • a museum and two campgrounds
  • a water park and a museum
  • a museum and a series of bird and wildlife observatories

When was the Acadia National Park established?

  • 1919
  • 1929
  • 1935

How big is the park?

  • 25,593 acres
  • 30,861 acres
  • 41,933 acres

What kind of wildlife does Acadia house?

  • mostly fish and dolphins
  • variety of mammals, fish and birds
  • the most extensive selection of birds of prey

For which sport is the park considered ideal?

  • fishing
  • cross-country skiing
  • cliff diving

What kind of terrain do you find in the Acadia Park?

  • mountains, lakes, valleys, rugged coastline and beaches
  • wide open plains
  • rugged coastline

Which rodents are found in the park?

  • squirrels
  • beavers
  • porcupines

Which threatened species of bird resides in Acadia?

  • condor
  • woodpecker
  • bald eagle

What types of trees do you find in Acadia?

  • white spruce, paper birch, red maple and quaking aspen
  • oaks, pine trees and chestnut trees
  • cypress, redwood and elm trees

Which is the highest point on the Atlantic Coast north of Brazil?

  • Mount Acadia
  • Cadillac Mountain
  • Devil's Peak

How high is this vantage point?

  • 3,530 feet
  • 2,530 feet
  • 1,530 feet

Who was the master wildlife photographer who spent hours shooting the birds of Acadia?

  • Eliot Porter
  • Ansel Adams
  • Cornell Capa

Which is the first place people say the dawn lights up the United States?

  • Frenchman's Bay
  • Mount Desert
  • Cadillac Mountain

What is only true fjord in the contiguous 48 states?

  • Gaspe Peninsula
  • Somes Sound
  • Frenchman's Bay

Which islands are contained within Frenchman's Bay?

  • Sheep Porcupine Island and Bald Porcupine Island
  • Schoodic and Mount Desert Island
  • Isle au Haut and South Acadia Island

Who was the first explorer to land on the island?

  • Jacques Cartier
  • Louis Hennepin
  • Samuel de Champlain

What name did he give the island?

  • mountain paradise
  • island of desert mountains
  • the sloping land

How was Mount Desert Island formed?

  • Avalanches over the years dumped huge quantities of granite into the ocean gradually forming new land masses.
  • Earthquakes split sections off the shoreline creating islands.
  • The rising level of the ocean, caused by melting glaciers flooded valleys and cut off sections of the shoreline.

Why were the French so interested in maintaining control of the island?

  • beaver pelts
  • beef farming
  • mining natural resources