From NATO to Laser: The Acronym Quiz
by Staff
The English language is riddled with acronyms. Some are so embedded in our speech that you might not even recognize as acronyms. What's your acronym aptitude?

What does "IRS" stand for?

  • Investment Recording System
  • International Radar Station
  • Internal Revenue Service

What does "radar" stand for?

  • reactive displacement recognition
  • radio detection and ranging
  • radioactive distance recording

What does "Necco" stand for?

  • Northeast Candy and Cookie Organization
  • New England Confectionery Co.
  • Northeastern Candy Corp.

What does "NATO" stand for?

  • North American Training Organization
  • National Arms Treaty Organization
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

What does "IRA" stand for?

  • individual retirement account
  • Internal Revenue Association
  • International Radar Association

What does "IRA" also stand for?

  • International Reading Association
  • Irish Republican Army
  • Internal Revenue Association

What does "3M" stand for?

  • Matthews, Miller and McGill
  • Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
  • More Michigan Manufacturing

What does "ZIP" (code) stand for?

  • Zone Implementation Plan
  • Zoning Improvement Plan
  • Zoning Information Placement

What does "IBM" stand for?

  • Intuitive Business Machines
  • International Business Machines
  • International Business Manufacturing

What does "Nabisco" stand for?

  • North American Baking Corp.
  • North American Biscuit Corp.
  • National Biscuit Co.

What does "laser" stand for?

  • light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  • least advanced spectrum-emitted radiation
  • lighting application by source energization of radiation

What does "Benelux" stand for?

  • Better Energy for Luxembourg
  • Benefits of Luxury
  • Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

What does "NCAA" stand for?

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • National College Association for Athletics
  • Northern Conference Athletes Academy

What does "Sunoco" stand for?

  • Sun Oil Co.
  • Suno Corp.
  • Sunderson Oil Co.

What does "FAQ" stand for?

  • fast-answer questions
  • frequently answered queries
  • frequently asked questions

What does "CPA" stand for?

  • certified personal assistant
  • chief public associate
  • certified public accountant

What does "SAT" stand for?

  • Scholastic Achievement Test
  • Standard Assessment Test
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test

What does "MoMA" stand for?

  • Mall of Minnesota, America
  • materials of mathematic arts
  • Museum of Modern Art

What does "BBC" stand for?

  • big box companies
  • British Broadcasting Corp.
  • bankable business cards

What does "HSBC" stand for?

  • Human Services Bank Co.
  • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.
  • Hammonds State Banking Corp.

What does "NASDAQ" stand for?

  • National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System
  • North American System for Derivatives and Qualifications
  • National Association of Standards for Development and Quotations

What does "scuba" stand for?

  • standard compression underwater breathing appliance
  • self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
  • system for containment of underwater breath and air

What does "Taser" stand for?

  • Top Stun Electroshock Rifle
  • Torture and Shock Elevated Revolver
  • Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle

What does "HIV" stand for?

  • human immunodeficiency virus
  • high interest vessel
  • human insular virus

What does "AIDS" stand for?

  • acquired immune disease syndrome
  • acute immunodisease syndrome
  • acquired immune deficiency syndrome

What does "JPEG" stand for?

  • Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • Journal of the Pediatric Endocrinology Group
  • Joint Photo Extraction Graphic

What does "BMW" stand for?

  • Best Motorworks
  • Bavarian Motor Works
  • Brandstetter Munchen Wachtel

What does "M&M's" stand for?

  • Magnificent & Marvelous
  • Mars & Murrie
  • Munch & Melt

What does "NAACP" stand for?

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • North American Association for Creative People
  • National Association for the Achievement of Collective Peace

What does "CVS" stand for?

  • Consumer Value Stores
  • Center for Vaccination Services
  • Customer Value Services