Travel the World: Africa
by Staff
Africa covers about 22 percent of the land area on Earth. Unfortunately, much of the news coming from Africa these days is of war, government corruption and refugee suffering. But how much do you know about the continent beyond the headlines?


  • site of the bloodiest war in history
  • site of the shortest war in history
  • site of the longest war in history


  • home to the largest tribe of nomads in the world
  • site of the world's longest drought
  • where the earliest human remains were found

Vilakazi Street, Soweto, South Africa?

  • known as "the poorest street in Africa"
  • the only street in the world where two Nobel Peace Prize winners live
  • site of the world's largest hospital

Lake Malawi?

  • holds more species of fish than any lake in the world
  • the source of the Nile river
  • features the highest waterfall on the continent


  • the world's largest slum, outside of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • the world's largest bus depot, in Cairo
  • the world's largest refugee camp, in Kenya


  • the world's largest exporter of diamonds
  • the biggest country in Africa
  • Africa's largest producer of crude oil

Democratic Republic of Congo?

  • the largest French-speaking country in the world
  • home to the oldest desert in the world
  • currently under a military regime

Burkina Faso?

  • used to be known as Rhodesia
  • where reporter H.M. Stanley uttered the famous phrase "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
  • the least literate country in the world


  • home to Mount Kiliminjaro
  • the only African country with a female president
  • the richest country in Africa

Sierra Leone?

  • the most mountainous country in Africa
  • ranks last on the United Nations Human Development Index
  • was under French rule until 1998