Keeping Cool: Air Conditioner Quiz
by Staff
Are you all steamed up because your air conditioner is on the fritz? Knowing some basics about how your air conditioner works will help you keep your cool. Test yourself to see how much you know about the indispensable air conditioner.

Air conditioners can be compared to what other household appliance?

  • dishwasher
  • refrigerator
  • oven

Air conditioners also help __________ the air.

  • dehumidify
  • humidify
  • sterilize

The __________ of your home determines your air-conditioning needs.

  • size
  • age
  • exterior material

For most consumers, what is the determining factor when purchasing an air conditioner?

  • price
  • energy efficiency
  • size

What is an easy and affordable way to cool a small space?

  • split unit
  • cooling tower
  • window unit

Why are some air-conditioning units called split units?

  • Parts of the unit are installed inside and outside the home.
  • Parts of the units are installed on different floors of the home.
  • Parts of the unit are interchangeable with other home appliances.

What is the main mechanical difference between a window unit and a larger split unit?

  • They use different coolants.
  • They use different types of thermometers.
  • There is no difference.

What part of the air-conditioning unit helps to clean the air?

  • filter
  • air handler
  • air compressor

If you don't see the compressor outside a building, where else should you look?

  • basement
  • attic
  • roof

Why is it useful to know an air conditioner's British thermal unit (Btu) rating?

  • It will help you calculate energy costs.
  • If you know the Btu, you can convert it to the American thermal unit rating.
  • It will help you determine how long the air conditioner will last.

An air-conditioning system with a high energy efficiency rating generally has a ___________ price tag.

  • higher
  • lower
  • Energy efficiency doesn't affect price.

What is the least expensive cooling system for large buildings?

  • chilled water units
  • window units
  • split units

What is the most energy-efficient cooling system for residential use?

  • ground source heat pump
  • split unit
  • cooling tower

How can you recoup the cost of an expensive but efficient air-conditioning system?

  • manufacturer rebate
  • federal tax credit
  • lowered electricity bill

Passive cooling is air-conditioning without what?

  • electricity
  • an air-conditioning unit
  • a temperature that's actually lowered

What is a passive cooling method that every home should try?

  • Give everyone in your home paper fans.
  • Open the windows on nice days to create airflow.
  • Put reflective tape over all windows.

Why will you likely see several air-conditioner compressors outside a multifamily unit?

  • Compressors cannot be on the roofs of multifamily buildings.
  • Each living unit has its own compressor.
  • Building codes require all compressors to be installed together.

How do large campuses with many buildings handle their cooling needs?

  • There is a campuswide central air-conditioning system.
  • Each building has its own air-conditioning unit.
  • Each building has window units on every floor.

What does ice have to do with air-conditioning?

  • Ice is needed to keep the compressor cool.
  • Ice is needed to keep the refrigerant cool.
  • It's a new "green" method of air-conditioning.

How many ice air-conditioning systems exist worldwide?

  • 30
  • 300
  • 3,000