The Ultimate Airline Travel for Pets Quiz
by Staff
You've done all your homework and now you're ready to take your favorite pet on its first flight. Take our quiz to make sure you have no last-minute surprises.

When you decide that you want a pet to fly with you, what should you do first?

  • Purchase your tickets and pay a fee to reserve a spot for your pet in the cargo hold.
  • Contact a certified pet transport company to take acre of all the details on your behalf.
  • Make sure that you find out all details from your chosen airline well in advance of your fly date.

What do airlines, resorts and hotels require from you when you are travelling with a pet?

  • You will need to pay a large refundable damage deposit.
  • You will be required to have documentation from your vet of pet health and immunization.
  • You will need to sign a waiver attesting that they have no liability for your pets care or safety.

What established time restrictions are required for validity of a current pet rabies vaccination?

  • vaccination in last 18 months and more than 1 month since last vaccination
  • vaccination in last 24 months and more than 2 months since last vaccination
  • vaccination in last 12 months and more than 1 month since last vaccination

What is the maximum number of days allowed prior to flight for a vet’s pet health certificate to be accepted by an airline?

  • 10 days
  • 15 days
  • 17 days

According to a survey what is the annual amount that Americans spend on care of their pets?

  • $48.7 billion
  • $43.4 billion
  • $39.9 billion

When you plan to take a pet on any international flight, what should you do?

  • Start research well in advance of your flight as international destinations have extra restrictions or criteria.
  • Be sure you have documentation of completing all special requirements for your destination to avoid quarantine.
  • Both answers are important for international pet travel.

What is a system that allows animals to travel easily between member countries without being subjected to quarantine called?

  • InterPets
  • PetJet
  • PETS

What should you always get for your pet that will be required to enter any country in the world in addition to proper immunizations?

  • a subcutaneous microchip implant
  • a certified Pet Passport
  • a certified immunization record

What additional documentation will be required by many airlines before your pet can fly?

  • acclimation certificate
  • confirmation of feeding
  • both of the above

What animal did a Delta baggage handler encounter roaming around in a cargo hold in 2008?

  • a year old cheetah
  • a year old lion
  • a year old gorilla

What do most airlines require for your pet besides documentation before they will accept them for boarding an airplane?

  • You must provide an airline that you are the owner of any animal that you want to transport.
  • You must have your pet in an approved hard-bodied carrier sized properly for your pet.
  • You must purchase flight insurance for your pet and sign a waiver reliving the airline of liability for your pet.

What is the law concerning traveling with guide dogs or service dogs?

  • Certified guide dogs are allowed into any state or country without any quarantine restrictions.
  • Dogs are permitted on all forms of public transport regardless of restrictions to other pets.
  • Owners of guide dogs are not required to scoop up after their dogs.

What state formerly had special quarantine laws for pets that applied even to guide or service animals?

  • Alaska
  • New Mexico
  • Hawaii

What is a requirement that is strictly enforced by many airlines when someone wants to have a pet fly with them?

  • Airlines require that a pet be at least eight week old before they will allow them to board an airplane.
  • Airlines require that you reserve a spot in the cargo hold at least 96 hours before your flight departure.
  • Airlines require that you fax them all documentation on your pet before they will issue a cargo reservation.

What is a surprising animal that is allowed by law on an airplane for free as a guide or service animal?

  • a monkey
  • a miniature horse
  • a parrot

What is a category of animal allowed free passage on an airplane that many people are unaware?

  • mobility dogs and comfort animals
  • alert animals including monkeys
  • both of the above

What does an airline verbal assurance request entail in regards to a service or guide animal?

  • You must explain what the animal does, how it assists you and where it was trained.
  • You must explain you acquired the animal, where your animal lived during training, and the trainers contact info.
  • Both of the above apply for verbal assurance.

What does the Ja La La Café In downtown Tokyo charge for a cat companion per hour?

  • $20 an hour
  • $10 an hour
  • $6 an hour

Are cats the only companion that you can rent while you are visiting in Tokyo?

  • You can also easily rent dogs and rabbits.
  • You can also easily rent ferrets and beetles.
  • You can rent all of the above in Tokyo.

What is another restriction that you may run into if you plan to travel with certain kinds of dogs?

  • United Airlines disallows about 25 breeds from travel as cargo or carry-on any time between June 1 and Sept. 31.
  • Pug-nose dogs and dogs with similar noses are allowed to travel only if the temperature is cooler than 70 degrees F (21 C).
  • Both of the above are flight restrictions applying to certain breeds.