Do You Have What it Takes ... Caribou Tracking
by Staff
There are about 5 million caribou distributed throughout the world, and an impressive number inhabit Alaska's interior. This quiz will help you discover if you've got what it takes to identify and track this beautiful (and delicious) game animal.

When you've got a caribou with antlers in your sights, are you looking at a male or a female?

  • Totally male, dude.
  • No, definitely female.
  • Could be either.

Is caribou another name for reindeer?

  • Yes, but only around Christmas.
  • No. Reindeer are smaller bodied.
  • Yes. What Alaskans call caribou, Europeans refer to as reindeer.

In Alaska, what's the caribou's most aggressive natural predator?

  • the gray wolf
  • polar bears
  • golden Eagles

About how many wild caribou are there in Alaska?

  • more than 3 million
  • 125,000
  • 900,000

Are caribou shy and retiring or bold and territorial?

  • Caribou are so shy and hide in the boreal forest most of the time.
  • Caribou are incredibly bold and territorial. They will fight to the death.
  • Caribou are very shy and travel in herds, preferring the open tundra most of the year.

How much does an average adult caribou buck weigh?

  • 700 to 850 pounds
  • 350 to 400 pounds
  • 250 to 300 pounds

While you're tracking Alaskan caribou, what other popular game animals might you see?

  • brown bear, moose, bison, and Dall sheep
  • grizzly bear, wolf and wild turkey
  • Bighorn sheep, brown bear and mountain goats

Caribou hunting is a big tourist draw in Alaska. If you're scheduling a trip, in what season will you be traveling?

  • spring
  • late summer and fall
  • winter

Which of the locations below are not open for caribou hunting?

  • state parks
  • private land
  • military land
  • national parks

Caribou have seasonal migratory habits. What triggers a change of residence?

  • availability of food
  • weather
  • breeding habits of predators