The Alexander Hamilton Quiz
by Staff
You've read all the books. You've seen all the documentaries. You've memorized the all lyrics. Okay, you didn't, but you know all the words to the musical "Hamilton." Take this quiz to see if that's enough to give you an expert knowledge of Alexander Hamilton.

Where was Hamilton born?

  • the West Indies
  • New York state
  • New Jersey

What year was Hamilton born?

  • 1755
  • 1757
  • Uh, 1755 or 1757?

What scandalous circumstances was Hamilton born into?

  • His father was an actor.
  • His mother was married to someone who wasn't his father.
  • His parents eloped without their folks' blessing.

Hamilton's dad:

  • fought those who lodged charges of bigamy towards his wife
  • became a successful landowner
  • left the family when Hamilton was a child

Hamilton was orphaned at around 12 years old when his mother died. He was given up to a cousin who:

  • he later inherited a fortune from
  • committed suicide months later
  • sent him to America for formal education

After his mother's death, a wealthy merchant named Thomas Stevens became his guardian. What do some historians speculate about their relationship?

  • that Hamilton and Stevens had an enduring affair
  • that Hamilton and Stevens were half-brothers
  • that Stevens was Hamilton's biological father

As a teenager, Hamilton was given what large responsibility?

  • He had to cook his company's books.
  • He was left in charge of the office he was clerking for while the owner went abroad.
  • He was elected mayor of St. Croix.

Hamilton came to America to study where?

  • Harvard
  • Columbia
  • Elizabethtown Academy

Who else went to Elizabethtown Academy?

  • John Quincy Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Aaron Burr

Where did Hamilton study at university?

  • Princeton
  • Harvard
  • Columbia

In the Revolutionary War, Hamilton was eventually asked to:

  • brainstorm a national anthem
  • join General George Washington as an aide
  • stop annoying his other officers by breaking out in song

During the Constitutional Convention, Hamilton proposed:

  • that all the states should be named after native birds
  • presidents and senators could serve life terms
  • that women should vote

What important document did Hamilton sign?

  • the Constitution of the United States
  • the Declaration of Independence
  • both

Hamilton married:

  • Elizabeth Schuyler, from a posh New York family
  • Martha Washington's niece
  • no one, and had a reputation as a swinging bachelor his whole life

After the war Hamilton worked briefly in what profession:

  • as a farmer
  • as a lawyer
  • as an accountant

Who wrote The Federalist Papers with Hamilton?

  • John Jay and James Madison
  • John Jay and Thomas Jefferson
  • John Adams and James Madison

What was the pseudonym used for the Federalist Papers?

  • Hilarious
  • Publius
  • Americanus Rex

What was the main thrust of the Federalist Papers?

  • government should play a small, decentralized role
  • the Constitution should be ratified
  • government should be for the people, but not by the people

Hamilton also wrote letters to newspapers defending the Constitution. What pseudonym did he use?

  • Flintrock Dominus
  • Talemander Gamilson
  • Caesar

What position was Hamilton given in George Washington's government?

  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of the Interior

Hamilton proposed:

  • a National Bank
  • a National Mint
  • both

What party did Hamilton become the leader of?

  • the Federalist Party
  • the Republican Party
  • the Democratic Party

Who was Hamilton's rival in the Federalist Party?

  • John Adams
  • James Monroe
  • Thomas Jefferson

To sabotage Adams' second candidacy for president, Hamilton did what?

  • published a hit piece on Adams' character
  • promised Aaron Burr he would help elect him
  • threw his own hat into the nominating ring

Hamilton was one of the first American politicians to be embroiled in what kind of scandal:

  • embezzlement scandal
  • sex scandal
  • bribery scandal

Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were both tied to win the presidency in 1800. Who did Hamilton urge the Federalists to support?

  • neither
  • Hamilton
  • Jefferson

But Hamilton wasn't done yet. How did he counter Burr once again, even after he was out of public office?

  • He drew a political cartoon portraying Burr as a weasel.
  • He had an affair with Burr's wife.
  • He supported Burr's Republican opponent when Burr ran for governor of New York.

Aaron Burr finally challenged Hamilton to a duel over what?

  • the lack of endorsement in the gubernatorial election
  • claims that Hamilton held a "despicable opinion" of him
  • a rumor that Hamilton was going to publish a pamphlet detailing Burr's ineptitude as a politician

Who fired shots during the duel on July 11, 1804?

  • both men
  • only Burr
  • neither; Hamilton was wounded by a bullet from Burr's son

What's your name, man?

  • Just call me A-Ham.
  • Hamilton!
  • Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton.