All-in-one Food Processor Quiz
by Staff
If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may already be familiar with this compact food prep miracle worker. If not, now is a good time to learn about the all-in-one food processor.

When was the first food processor invented?

  • 1903
  • 1963
  • 1993

What was the first food processor model called?

  • Cuisinart Extraordinaire
  • Dr. Verdun's Amazing Slicer & Dicer
  • Le Magimix

How is an all-in-one food precssor different than a standard food processor?

  • It not only processes food, but also sets the table and pours drinks.
  • It can be used as a dough machine and blender, in addition to standard processing functions.
  • It is electric-powered while a standard processor is not.

What's one of the commonly cited benefits of using an all-in-one food processor rather than doing prep tasks by hand?

  • self-cleaning
  • speed
  • A processor can weigh the food before processing it.

What is a minichopper?

  • an oversized food processor for large jobs like woodchipping.
  • a hand powered food processor
  • a small electric food processor

How is a food processor different than a blender?

  • A blender is cone shaped, while a food processor has a flat bottom.
  • A food processor is cone shaped, while a blender has a flat bottom.
  • A food processor can't blend liquids.

What is a mandoline?

  • a muscial instrument with four pairs of strings
  • a food processor with a radio
  • a hand-powered food slicer

What does an all-in-one food processor's S-shaped blade typically do?

  • chop, mince and puree
  • slice and grate
  • chip wood

What do an all-in-one food processor's metal discs typically do?

  • chop, mince and puree
  • slice and grate
  • make snowcones

What is the benefit of chrome or steel parts on a food processor?

  • They make food more delicious.
  • They're less likely to break than plastic parts.
  • They're less slippery.

How is an all-in-one food processor's size measured?

  • bowl size
  • blade size
  • feed tube size

What generally determines the functions that an all-in-one food processor can perform?

  • the type of blades and discs that the processor features
  • whether the parts are chrome or plastic
  • whether or not it has been blessed by a shaman

What is a food processor feed tube?

  • the space through which diners use a straw to suck out portions of processed food from the processor
  • the place where a person using a food processor should rest his or her hands while the appliance is in use
  • the open slot through which food is generally placed into the processor

When shopping for a food processor, what should a buyer consider about the appliance's feed tube?

  • speed
  • size
  • suction

Which company introduced the food processor to the U.S.?

  • Cuisinart
  • KitchenAid
  • Le Creuset

Which of these is NOT a common all-in-one food processor function?

  • carrot slicing
  • sausage casing
  • dough kneading

Where does a user typically attach a blade to a food processor?

  • at the blade stem
  • inside the feed tube
  • in Massachussets

What is a common function of a baby food producer?

  • steaming
  • sulking
  • diaper changing

What is the purpose of nesting bowls in some all-in-one food processors?

  • to allow the user to lay eggs
  • to allow the user to feed birds and other local wildlife
  • to allow the user to do more than one job in a row

What is the first thing that a buyer should consider when purchasing an all-in-one food processor?

  • size
  • motor power
  • cost