The Ultimate Allergy Tests Quiz
by Staff
Do you want to know what you're allergic to? Wonder no more. There are several options available for allergy testing, some of which are rather inexpensive and quick. Take this quiz and find out which allergy test best suits your needs.

Who is qualified to perform allergy tests in the United States?

  • any general health care practitioner
  • only family doctors
  • only board certified allergy specialists

Skin titration is an allergy test whereby allergens:

  • are injected into the skin
  • are placed on the skin
  • are mixed with your skin cells in a petri dish

The radioallergosorbent test is a way of screening for allergies. What does the radioallergosorbent test measure?

  • antibodies related to allergens
  • histamine levels
  • allergy cells

What are eosinophils?

  • allergy cells
  • allergy antibodies
  • allergy related histamine

How does a physician test for allergies in a scratch test?

  • The physician scratches your skin with an allergen.
  • The physician pricks your skin and places a small drop of the allergen inside.
  • The physician gives you a dose of an allergen and sees whether you have a “scratch reaction.”

What is an advantage of the allergy scratch test?

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is painless and quick.
  • both of the above

Why is intradermal testing unreliable?

  • It yields too many false positives.
  • It yields too many false negatives.
  • It yields too many true negatives.

Who would not be able to do a scratch allergy test?

  • People with severe eczema.
  • People taking antihistamines.
  • both of the above

What does a physician do during a challenge allergy test?

  • A physician gives you increasingly higher doses of an allergen through oral administration or inhalation.
  • A physician injects you with increasingly higher doses of an allergen.
  • A physician rubs increasingly higher doses of an allergen on your skin.

What type of allergens are tested in a challenge allergy test?

  • allergy to drugs
  • allergy to food
  • both of the above