The Ultimate Alternatives to Pet Boarding Quiz
by Staff
If you do not like boarding your pet or had a bad experience with boarding, there are several alternatives you can try instead. Take our quiz and learn about boarding alternatives.

What is a drawback to boarding your pet while you are away from home?

  • Your dog or cat may be very upset and agitated at being left in a strange place that smells like the vets.
  • Your dog or cat could catch a sickness such as kennel cough from another pet at a boarding facility.
  • Boarding can be expensive with a daily rate up to $35.

What will you need to do if you decide to board your pet?

  • Provide proof of current immunization especially for rabies.
  • You will want to take along your pet’s favorite blanket and toys.
  • You should do both of the above.

If you must leave your pet behind and you worry about your home, what is a safe way that you can solve both problems?

  • You can advertise on Craig’s list for someone to house sit for you in exchange for a place to stay.
  • You can hire a professional house sitter to stay in your home with your pet.
  • Both of the above.

What is the average cost per day for a house-sitting professional to stay overnight at your home?

  • about $90
  • about $75
  • about $50

What should you do when hiring someone to enter your home for house-sitting, dog walking, or checking on your pet?

  • Make sure that the professional is bonded or insured.
  • Always ask a professional to provide reputable references and check with each reference.
  • Both of the above are necessary steps for your protection.

What is a step you can take to avoid boarding a pet at a kennel that will save you money?

  • Have a friend or family member check on your pet a few times each day.
  • If you have a cat, you can leave it alone in the house for about a week if you lay out enough food and water.
  • If you have a small dog, they will be fine with a large litter box, food and water for less than a week.

What is one basic consideration that you must take care of when you plan to travel with a pet?

  • You should phone ahead to ensure that designations and stops along the way allow or accommodate pets.
  • You should take an overnight test trip a few weeks before vacation to ensure that that your pet travels well.
  • You should visit a vet to procure pet motion sickness medication and pet tranquilizers.

What percentages of people in America typically take pets along with them when the travel?

  • 44 percent
  • 53 percent
  • 67 percent

What is the greatest danger that you may face if you leave your dog in a hotel room while you are out for the day?

  • Your dog may escape from your room when the house keeping service comes in to clean up your room.
  • Your dog could bite or chase a housekeeper that comes to attend to your room.
  • Your dog may be upset enough that it destroys or damages furniture, carpets or scratches up doors.

What should you do before you take your pet camping with you?

  • Make sure you treat your pet with flea and tick repellant as often as necessary.
  • Make sure that all of your pet’s immunizations are up to date.
  • Both of the above are important for camping pets.

What organization requires professional dog walkers to be insured in order to be accepted for membership?

  • International Association of Canine Professionals
  • National Association of Pet Walking Professionals
  • Union of Professional Dog Walkers

What is the accepted going rate for professional dog walkers?

  • $10 to $30 per visit
  • $15 to $40 per visit
  • $23 to $50 per visit

What is another advantage to hiring a professional dog walker to exercise your pet while you are away?

  • Dog walking professionals have training to deal with difficult dogs, disobedient dogs or pet emergencies.
  • Dog walking professionals are trained in doggy first aid and doggie CPR.
  • Dog walking professionals clean up any messes in your home, feeding and watering without additional charge.

What is another good alternative for your pet besides boarding, a professional house sitter or a pro dog walker when you travel?

  • You could arrange for your pet to stay over at a friend’s home while you are away.
  • You can arrange for your pets adoption if you are often away and find other care expensive.
  • You could consider both of the above.

What is the best way to ease transition for your pet when you are going away and leaving them alone, with a house sitter, a dog-walking service or with a friend?

  • Obtain an anti-anxiety medication for your pet from your veterinary professional to be administered while you are away.
  • Train your pet, from an early age, with a goodbye routine that relaxes both of you when you are leaving.
  • There is really nothing special you can do besides leaving quickly so your pet does not notice your anxiety.