The Ultimate American Hiking Society Quiz
by Staff
The American Hiking Society is the only conservation-based, recreation organization in the United States. To see how hiking can benefit you, as well as the environment, take this quiz.

Which was the first recreation organization in the U.S. based on conservation?

  • Audubon Society
  • Sierra Club
  • The American Hiking Society

When was it officially founded?

  • 1976
  • 1966
  • 1956

Why was the society founded?

  • to promote hiking and fitness
  • to protect the Appalachian Trail
  • to promote the conservation movement

Why did the establishment of a society concerned with hiking become necessary?

  • concern for fitness and outdoor sport
  • seemed a promising business venture
  • threat to hikers by motorized vehicles

What was the main difficulty in rallying support for a hiking society?

  • It was not considered a big enough concern for the environmental lobby.
  • The motorized sport lobby had very effective lobbyists.
  • Lack of funding.

Who was Paul Pritchard?

  • chairman of the Senate committee that approved the bill supporting the society
  • one of the founders of the society
  • philanthropist who funded the society

What is the total length of trails in the United States?

  • 50,000 miles (80,467 kilometers)
  • 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers)
  • 200,000 miles (321,869 kilometers)

How many people declared that they walk for recreation?

  • 165 million
  • 135 million
  • 105 million

How does the society actually increase the popularity of hiking?

  • sophisticated and effective advertising campaigns
  • intensive and coordinated lobbying
  • protects, improves and promotes trails

How is the society funded?

  • donations, grants, membership dues, and sponsorship
  • it's part of the National Park Service
  • entrance fees to the parks in which the trails are located

How much is annual membership?

  • any amount you decide to donate
  • $30
  • $50

What does membership give you?

  • free entrance to all national parks and free access to the Society's internet database
  • an official Hiking Society hat and certificate acknowledging your contribution
  • Backpack and Hiker magazines and participation in maintaining trails

What is the Volunteer Vacation program?

  • Volunteers pay a small registration fee to work for a week building and maintaining trails.
  • Outstanding volunteers receive a free camping vacation.
  • Volunteers work in parks in exchange for free room and board.

What is the importance of this program?

  • It forges a closer bond with the ideals of conservation.
  • It provides manpower and resources for underfunded programs.
  • It creates a cadre of future donors and leaders of the conservation movement.

Do you know what the society's biggest event is?

  • Rails-to-Trails
  • Annual HikeaNation Walk
  • National Trails Day

How many people participated in the first event?

  • half a million people
  • million people
  • two million people

What is the purpose of the National Trails Fund?

  • awards outstanding hiking volunteers
  • provides funding for conservation lobbyists
  • awards money to organizations that build and improve trails

Do you know what legislation was defeated by the American Hiking Society in 1976?

  • cancellation of certain conservation programs
  • excise tax on hiking equipment
  • raising entrance fees to national parks

What was the HikeaNation?

  • coast-to-coast walk
  • televised fundraiser
  • hiking marathon in a different national park every year

What is the name of the annual advocacy week implemented by the American Hiking Society?

  • Trailblazer Week
  • National Trails Coalition
  • Hike-the-Hill