The Ultimate American Outdoorsman Adventure Club Quiz
by Staff
If you're one of those who need an adrenaline rush from their sporting activities, the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club was designed for you. Take this quiz to see the excitement that awaits you.

Who developed the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club?

  • former extreme sportsman
  • leading conservation activist
  • the host of a television show

Why was the club created?

  • discounts for members
  • encourage outdoor activities
  • promote conservation

How does the club contribute to conservation and preservation awareness?

  • exhibits and films on endangered species
  • eco-tours
  • hiking and rock-climbing

Where can members see manatees in their natural habitat?

  • wildlife refuge in Florida
  • conservation center in South Carolina
  • nature preserve in Georgia

Where overseas can they observe birds and other wildlife?

  • Peru
  • Kenya
  • Canada

What benefit can the club offer if you're planning a vacation?

  • organizes adventure trips for you
  • pre-screened database of suppliers
  • offers "virtual" trips to the locations

Is there a discount on guided adventure vacations in the U.S.?

  • varies according to cost of trip
  • 10 percent
  • 15 percent

What discount is offered for international adventure trips?

  • 20 percent
  • 15 percent
  • 10 percent

Who qualifies for the discounts?

  • entire household at that address
  • two adults and children at that address
  • all family members

What other benefit is there?

  • discounts on entry fees to national parks
  • access to a social network
  • free entry to selected state parks

How does this differ from what is available to the general public?

  • no on-line advertising
  • strictly moderated
  • exclusive members only

Why not just use a forum on Facebook to receive or exchange information?

  • The club's network is a closed specific-subject-oriented community.
  • Actually Facebook or similar forums would give you a wider range of opinions.
  • Membership of the club's network is a social status symbol.

What happens on the online forum?

  • Singles sharing similar interests can get acquainted.
  • Advertisers can post special offers.
  • You can ask the staff questions.

Which of the following best describes the range of activities of the club?

  • hiking, mountain climbing, rafting
  • snowshoeing, dune buggy riding, rock climbing
  • hunting, whitewater rafting, hiking

What is the annual membership fee?

  • 79
  • 99
  • 120

Apart from the benefits previously discussed, what else does membership offer?

  • invitations to club events
  • free consultations with experts in various fields
  • advance previews of club produced feature films

What else could you do?

  • participate in teaching adventures
  • appear on television
  • present your own radio show

Do the teaching adventures include outdoor video taping and photography?

  • no, only physical activities are encouraged
  • yes
  • only as a byproduct of other activities

When ATV excursions are offered, what does this mean?

  • trips documented for television
  • motorized adventures
  • special trips using advanced technologies

How do fishing and big game hunting fit into conservation and preservation?

  • They don't, they're just part of the American outdoor tradition.
  • Conservation activities are to ease guilty consciences.
  • When done with appropriate permits they are part of preservation efforts.