The Ultimate Animal Migration Quiz
by Staff
Watching a large group of animals migrating together can be quite a magical sight. Have you ever wondered why animals make the effort to travel such long distances? Or how animals know when and where to go without clocks, calendars or a GPS? Take this quiz to learn some answers.

What is animal migration?

  • when animals move to a new country
  • when animals cross a body of water
  • when a species moves from one place to another

What is the timing of animal migration often connected to?

  • weather changes
  • breeding patterns
  • both of the above

What is a complete migration?

  • when the same destinations are visited each year
  • when all members of a species migrate
  • when a species stays in a place for the same period of time each visit

What is an altitudinal migration?

  • when animals move to higher altitudes in the winter
  • when animals move to lower altitudes in the winter
  • when animals move to another place of the same altitude

What might cause removal migration?

  • The animals find a place with more food.
  • The animals prefer a different climate.
  • The animals can no longer remain where they were.

Which animal holds the record for the longest overland migration?

  • the caribou
  • the turtle
  • the sloth

Why do animals migrate?

  • in order to find food
  • in order to protect their young
  • both of the above

What alters the dry-season migration of African wildebeests?

  • rainclouds
  • dust storms
  • human presence

Why have salmon populations declined over the past years?

  • because of global warming
  • because of human interference
  • because of a lack of food

Why do whales migrate to the cold waters near the poles?

  • They like to mate in the cold.
  • They enjoy the feel of cold water.
  • They can find better food in cold water.

The whooping crane, the rarest bird in the U.S., almost became extinct, but has now recovered somewhat. What problem arose when it came to migration time?

  • The cranes didn't know where to go.
  • The cranes didn't want to leave.
  • The cranes didn't know how to fly.

How do animals in hibernation know when it is time to migrate?

  • They can't sleep anymore.
  • They get hungry.
  • Their fat reserves run out.

Some animals know it is time to migrate based on their body clock. What is the term for the clock used to determine migration times?

  • circadian rhythms
  • circannual rhythms
  • circological rhythms

How do sooty shearwater birds make the migration journey easier?

  • They ride on each other's backs.
  • They can rest on water.
  • They ride wind currents.

Why do species live in areas that are too cold for them in the first place?

  • They had to move to increase resources.
  • They didn't realize it would get cold.
  • They used to be better adapted for the cold.

What is fascinating about the migration of the monarch butterfly?

  • The butterflies do the trip individually.
  • The migration is longer than the lifespan of a butterfly.
  • The butterflies double their population during migration.

How do animals gauge which direction to move toward?

  • by the sun
  • by the clouds
  • by the wind

Which animal uses the coast of North America to guide them on their migration route?

  • flamingos
  • seagulls
  • whales

Which star do indigos use to navigate their migration route?

  • Aldebaran
  • Betelgeuse
  • Shaula

What substance was found in the brains of some animal species that helps them to migrate in the right direction?

  • magnetite
  • calcium
  • dopamine