Quiz: Antiques!
by Staff
Collecting antiques has been growing in popularity for more than 150 years. Antique collecting can be fun and profitable. How much do you really know about collecting antiques? Take this quiz and find out how you rate with the experts.

How old must an item be to qualify as an antique according to U.S. law?

  • at least 200 years old
  • at least 150 years old
  • at least 100 years old

According to serious collectors, only items made before what year are considered antiques?

  • 1904-12-03 23:00:00
  • 1830
  • 1860

Why would an antique collector reject an item made after 1830?

  • Craftsmanship suffered a significant decline after 1830.
  • The year 1830 heralded the beginning of the indusial age.
  • Items made before 1830 are rapidly disappearing, making them more valuable.

Why would a collector prefer to purchase a Queen Anne chair made in 1710 to one made in 1890?

  • The Queen Anne chair made in 1710 is rarer.
  • Craftsmanship was superior in 1710.
  • The chair made in 1710 is a period antique.

What event was considered a catalyst that triggered a passion for collecting antiques?

  • early excavations of ancient Egyptian cities
  • the death of Shakespeare in 1616
  • the excavation of items from Pompeii

What event was considered as a catalyst that triggered a passion for collecting antiques is America?

  • Americans started collecting antiques after they celebrated the Centennial of Independence from Britain.
  • Americans were inspired to collect antiques by the excavation of Pompeii.
  • Americans started collecting antiques soon after the American Revolution.

What is one of the first factors considered to determine the selling price of an antique?

  • age of the item
  • original quality
  • reproduction or original

If you own two antique chairs that are almost identical, what is one good way to determine which one has a higher value?

  • the finish
  • the sturdiest
  • evidence of repair

Why is it rare to encounter fake antique furniture?

  • It is very easy to spot faked antique furnishings.
  • There are few artisans capable of making high quality fake antiques.
  • There are too many expert appraisers and collectors with the ability to detect fake pieces.

What did Harold Sack say is an important first step to detecting a fake, restored or reproduced antique furnishing?

  • Check the underside of the piece for tool marks.
  • Check if the finish is consistent with other pieces from the same period.
  • Check the overall look of the piece.

What is an important indicator of the age of an antique piece?

  • the finish applied to the wood
  • type of wood used
  • the color of the piece

What was a typical use for pine in antique furniture construction?

  • Pine was favored for cabinet doors and shelving because of its distinctive grain pattern.
  • Only farmers and colonists used pine to construct furniture.
  • Pine was usually disguised or hidden in most antique furniture.

Which wood was a favorite choice for Queen Anne period furniture?

  • cherry wood
  • oak
  • walnut

Which wood was a favorite used to construct Chippendale furniture items?

  • oak
  • mahogany
  • hard maple

Which kind of wood was favored in colonial America to build furniture?

  • walnut
  • cherry
  • oak

What wood product was not used to build furniture pieces prior to the 20th century?

  • pine
  • wood veneer
  • plywood

What is one final way to determine that a furniture item made from wood is genuine antique and how old it may be?

  • Wood characteristically darkens and shrinks with age.
  • Glue bonds dry and crack, allowing joints to open or split.
  • Nails tend to rust and the heads fall off, allowing separations.

What is one excellent way to learn to recognize and identify authentic antiques?

  • antique collectors’ lectures at a university
  • spend time in museums that feature antiques
  • attend antique auctions and browse the pieces available

What is the best procedure to handle antique photographs?

  • natural latex gloves
  • oil free vinyl gloves
  • white cotton gloves

What is considered the best way to preserve antique rugs and quilts?

  • It is best to hang antique rugs and quilts on the wall.
  • Store them rolled or folded in damp proof bags and only take them out for show.
  • Lay antique rugs flat on the floor away from traffic and store antique quilts on the back of chairs.