The Ultimate Ape Culture and Conservation Quiz
by Staff
Primatologists have been studying ape culture and conservation for more than 30 years is and still have much to learn about our "cousins." Much laboratory research is done on chimpanzees, because their DNA is nearly identical to that of humans. Take this quiz to learn more about ape culture and conservation.

What group of mammals includes humans, apes and monkeys?

  • carnivoras
  • primates
  • sirenias

What other animal has nearly identical DNA to humans?

  • chimpanzees
  • gibbons
  • gorillas

What scientist studies primates?

  • archeologists
  • paleontologists
  • primatologists

Why is the future of apes in the wild uncertain?

  • illegal hunting
  • disease
  • both answers

How many species of primates are there?

  • 75
  • 125
  • 250

How do scientists divide apes into categories?

  • agility
  • size
  • speed

What have scientists named the smaller size category of apes?

  • great apes
  • lesser apes
  • neither answer

After humans, what animal is the smartest?

  • great apes
  • lesser apes
  • monkeys

Which member of the great apes most resembles humans in their behavior, anatomy and way of life?

  • bonobo
  • chimpanzee
  • gorilla

When do chimpanzees reach sexual maturity?

  • 8 years
  • 11 years
  • 13 years

What is the lifespan of a captive chimpanzee?

  • 45 years
  • 52 years
  • 60 years

How do chimpanzees live?

  • communities
  • individually
  • both answers

What do chimpanzees eat?

  • fruit
  • meat
  • both answers

What other ape looks like the chimpanzee?

  • bonobo
  • gibbon
  • gorilla

How do bonobos have similar sexual behavior as humans?

  • sexual relations for reproduction only
  • does not have sexual relations for reproduction only
  • neither answer

What is the largest primate?

  • chimpanzee
  • gibbon
  • gorilla

Are orangutans sociable?

  • alone
  • small groups
  • large communities

Who is the most famous primatologist?

  • Diane Fossey
  • Jane Goodall
  • Frans De Waal

Scientists in the 1980s discovered chimpanzees using tools to do what?

  • crack open nuts
  • hunt
  • neither answer

What is the greatest threat to wild ape populations today?

  • destruction of the natural habitat
  • disease
  • poaching