The Aptera Hybrid Quiz
by Staff
The Aptera Hybrid prototype looks a little strange, but this three-wheeled vehicle promises astounding fuel efficiency. Do you know how it works? Take the Aptera Hybrid Quiz and find out.

Ready for a road trip? The Aptera hybrid is a concept car that gets an impressive ___ miles per gallon.

  • 80
  • 190
  • 230

The Aptera Hybrid can best be described as:

  • a three-wheel, two-passenger prototype
  • a four-wheel, one-passenger prototype
  • a two-wheel, two-passenger prototype

Aptera Motors, Inc., is a private company based in:

  • San Carlos, Calif.
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • San Diego, Calif.

A process patented as "Panelized Automated Composite Construction (PAC2)" informs the Aptera Hybrid's:

  • engine
  • body design
  • unique tires

Originally, the Aptera's developers intended for the car to run on a diesel engine. They scrapped that plan, and turned to a(n) _____ hybrid model, instead.

  • all-electric
  • plug-in
  • both all-electric and plug-in

Drivers will be able to reach top speeds of __ in their Aptera Hybrids.

  • 85 mph
  • 75 mph
  • 90 mph

In the past, automakers who attempted to design three-wheel vehicles put one wheel on the front of the car and two wheel on the rear. What's this design called?

  • triangular manipulation
  • delta formation
  • acute modification

With what precautions have Aptera's developers equipped the car?

  • blind spot detection, shatter-proof glass and an auto-braking mechanism
  • rollover prevention system, engine placement and steel beam reinforcement
  • safety cage, low center of gravity and traction control

What is the name of Aptera's system that gives the driver a 180-degree video display of the view behind the vehicle?

  • "Front and Center"
  • "Eyes Forward"
  • "Rear Control"

The Aptera is a "two plus one" concept car, meaning that two adults can fit comfortably in the driver and passenger seats and a removable third seat is available for infants. Take that seat out, and you can fit ___ in the Aptera.

  • 2 additional passengers between 60 and 85 pounds
  • a bicycle
  • 15 bags of groceries