Are You Computer Savvy? Quiz
by Staff
Computer technologies have sprawled and evolved in recent decades. How much do you know about various computer concepts? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

How many bytes are there in one kilobyte?

  • 100
  • 1,000
  • 1,024

What is the primary component of solid-state hard drives (SSDs)?

  • tiny central processing units
  • flash memory
  • magnetic platters

Dual-core processors have how many processors on a single chip?

  • four
  • two
  • one

What kind of memory holds program data and programs temporarily?

  • ROM
  • RAM
  • REM

The "F" on the keys at the top of your keyboard stands for what?

  • feature
  • function
  • flash

Computer chips are made primarily from what substance?

  • silicon
  • lead
  • aluminum

How are computer monitors measured?

  • diagonally
  • vertically
  • horizontally

What is a primary advantage of SSDs versus older magnetic hard drives?

  • faster
  • more reliable
  • both of the above

How much data could a high-density floppy diskette store?

  • 720 kilobytes
  • 1.44 megabytes
  • 2.8 megabytes

What is the most popular pointing device for contemporary computers?

  • mouse
  • trackball
  • touchpad

In Windows, which keyboard key combination will display a task manager dialog box?

  • Ctrl Delete Tab
  • Alt Delete Shift
  • Alt Ctrl Delete

The acronym PAN stands for what?

  • personal area network
  • powered aerial network
  • personal audio node

What is the motherboard?

  • a circuit board
  • the primary video adapter
  • the central processing unit that controls the computer

Which is not a type of DVD?

  • DVD=R
  • DVD+R
  • DVD-R

What important capability does Windows' Task Manager provide?

  • the ability to find your programs
  • the ability to swap back-and-forth between programs
  • the ability to kill non-responsive programs

Traditional hard drives store data as magnetized particles on what kind of material?

  • Mylar
  • silicon
  • metal alloy

How many times can you write and rewrite data to flash memory?

  • as many times as you want
  • about 1,000 times
  • once

Windows 7 included what major evolutionary capability for desktop computers?

  • touchscreen capability
  • mobile-app interfaces
  • simpler applications

Old-school parallel ports transferred data at what speed?

  • 8 bits at a time
  • 16 bits at a time
  • 32 bits at a time

For huge, data-intensive projects, a large company might decide to use what kind of computer?

  • a Mac
  • a mainframe
  • many interconnected laptops

Which of the following is a type of hardware firewall?

  • modem
  • Ethernet card
  • router

Which architecture is the foundation for all contemporary computers?

  • Babbage architecture
  • Von Neumann architecture
  • Gates architecture

Supercomputers are optimized for what?

  • to play chess
  • to run many different processes concurrently
  • to calculate a few problems as quickly as possible

What does NIC stand for?

  • network intermediary cord
  • network interface card
  • nodal interface creation

As a computer starts up, it performs a POST, which stands for what?

  • power-on startup tool
  • power-on self-test
  • power-on startup trial

Which security threat refers to faked emails that bait victims into revealing important information?

  • malware
  • viruses
  • phishing

Virtual memory simulates what?

  • additional RAM
  • additional ROM
  • additional graphics memory

What is the critical function of the chipset?

  • It controls all memory functions.
  • It is the computer's primary processor.
  • It controls communication between the central processing unit and the rest of the computer components.

Read-only memory is permanently installed on which component?

  • CPU
  • motherboard
  • hard drive

A Trojan horse is a type of what?

  • virus
  • input device
  • antivirus software