Quiz: Arizona's Best Family Vacations
by Staff
Planning a family vacation in Arizona? Take our quiz to get all the details on the best places to take your family on your vacation in Arizona.

What color are the rock formations around Sedona?

  • red
  • green
  • blue

What are some of the names of the rock formations in Sedona?

  • Coffee Pot and Donut Rock
  • Hell Hole and Kidney Bean
  • Devil's Bridge and Coffee Pot Rock

What is the name of the historic town next to Sedona?

  • Jerome
  • Ezekiel
  • Joshua

How many miles long is the Grand Canyon?

  • 183 miles (294.6 kilometers)
  • 227 miles (365.5 kilometers)
  • 340 miles (547.4 kilometers)

What is an unforgettable way to explore the Grand Canyon?

  • go repelling
  • go rafting
  • go hiking

How deep is the Grand Canyon?

  • a quarter of a mile
  • half a mile
  • a mile

Which area of the Grand Canyon attracts the most visitors?

  • East Rim
  • South Rim
  • North Rim

Which Grand Canyon trail is best for families with babies and toddlers?

  • Bright Angel Trail
  • Angel's Walk Trail
  • South Rim Trail

What level of difficulty is the canyon's Widforss Trail?

  • easy
  • intense
  • hard

Which Native American tribe makes their home in the Canyon de Chelly?

  • Navajo
  • Papago
  • Quapaw

What is the Canyon de Chelly surrounded by?

  • fields
  • lake
  • desert

Where is the Sabino Canyon located?

  • Tuscan
  • Phoenix
  • Flagstaff

What is the name of the waterfall in Bear Canyon?

  • Bear Falls
  • Indian Falls
  • Seven Falls

What is Taliesin West home to?

  • artists' collective
  • hot air balloon museum
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

What does "Tseghahoodzani" mean?

  • sacred ground
  • performated rock
  • sky window