Quiz: Do you Know How to Manage your Arthritis Symptoms?
by Staff
There are many ways to manage your arthritis symptoms. Test yourself with our quiz to learn more about arthritis management.

Which of the following may cause an arthritis sufferer physical injury?

  • exercise
  • fatigue
  • swimming

What is a main cause of fatigue in arthritis sufferers?

  • medication
  • depression
  • both of the above

What can you do to prevent fatigue?

  • Be familiar your surroundings.
  • Drink a lot of coffee.
  • Avoid large events.

What is a good strategy to help you conserve energy?

  • Do several long tasks at once.
  • Do lots of small tasks at once.
  • Stay organized.

What is essential to protect your joints?

  • good posture
  • intense exercise
  • massage

What sort of mattress is recommended for good posture?

  • soft
  • firm
  • water bed

How should you carry heavy objects to minimize the stress on your joints?

  • close to your body
  • away from your body
  • on your back

When should you start using assistive equipment to help with daily chores?

  • when you're in pain or are tired doing the chores without help
  • when you can still do chores by modifying them
  • when you can still do chores without any help

Which fastening method is preferred by arthritis sufferers?

  • zipper
  • buttons
  • Velcro

Why is an apron useful for arthritis sufferers?

  • Due to their limited movement, they get dirty easily, so it protects their clothes.
  • They can fill the pockets with useful tools to save them going back and forth.
  • It can hold all their medication.

What is the best height for a shelf in the kitchen?

  • chest height
  • hip height
  • thigh height

If you have a job that requires you to stand a lot, how should you position your feet to reduce back strain?

  • close together
  • shoulder-width apart
  • as far apart as is comfortable

When looking for a computer, what accessory may arthritis sufferers find useful?

  • mouse
  • flat keyboard
  • touch pad

If you need to carry heavy objects, what is the recommended maximum weight that you should carry?

  • 10 percent of your body weight
  • 20 percent of your body weight
  • 30 percent of your body weight

When buying a telephone, what feature may be helpful for arthritis sufferers?

  • answering machine
  • cordless phone
  • headset/earpiece