Arts and Crafts Design Quiz
by Staff
The phrase "arts and crafts" may refer to the handmade items you'd find at a local sidewalk sale, but it also refers to a design movement that remains popular today. If you think you're a design star, take this quiz to test your knowledge of all things Arts and Crafts.

In what country did the Arts and Crafts movement begin?

  • United States
  • France
  • England

Who is considered the grandfather of the Arts and Crafts movement?

  • King Charles II
  • James Brown
  • William Morris

True or false: Arts and Crafts design shifted the focus from machined goods back to goods that were handcrafted by human artisans.

  • TRUE

What was a key component of Arts and Crafts design?

  • disguising materials with ornate designs
  • remaining true to the materials
  • choosing inexpensive materials

What style of furniture goes well in an Arts and Crafts home?

  • mission
  • Victorian
  • modern

What colors are more often used in Arts and Crafts design?

  • bold and loud
  • nothing but pastels
  • organic and earthy

True or false: Arts and Crafts is almost the opposite of minimalism in that function is just as important as form.

  • TRUE

Furniture of the Arts and Crafts movement was almost always made from what material?

  • pine
  • oak
  • birch

What is a popular decorative choice for an Arts and Crafts inspired design?

  • stained glass
  • shag carpeting
  • cubist sculpture

Some people feel that the Arts and Crafts design movement was in direct opposition to what other movement?

  • Victorian design style
  • the fascist movement
  • minimalist design style