The Ultimate Atlanta Quiz
by Staff
Atlanta has become a popular tourist destination in the southern United States. There is something for everyone in Atlanta and its temperate climate only adds to its attraction. Southern hospitality is at the forefront in this bustling city where tourists comment on the friendliness of its residents. Take our quiz to learn more about this popular vacation spot.

In addition to its reputation as a tourist hotspot, Atlanta is headquarters to what large companies?

  • Coca Cola, CNN and Home Depot
  • UPS, Delta Airlines and the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • both of the above

What was the turning point that put Atlanta on the map as a tourist destination?

  • great fire of 1917
  • 1996 Olympics
  • Martin Luther King’s, Nobel Peace Prize in 1969

What is a popular nickname for Atlanta?

  • Hotlanta
  • Funlanta
  • Hilanta

What is one of the reasons that Atlanta is called the city among the trees?

  • Two large old growth forests dissect the city into four large pieces.
  • The city is full of small parks that dot its landscape from one end to the other.
  • Many of the city’s old south historic buildings spread are surrounded by giant oak trees.

What serves as a natural geographical marker that tourists can use to navigate this sprawling Georgian city?

  • Peachtree Creek
  • Nancy Creek
  • Chattahoochee River

What is the most elevated city in the United States?

  • Denver
  • Atlanta
  • Cheyenne

How many small mountains make up a part of the city of Atlanta?

  • one
  • two
  • three

What three interstate highways slice Atlanta into quarters?

  • Interstate 20, 75 and 85
  • Interstate 285, 85 and 20
  • Interstate 60, 75 and 85

How many residents are there residing in metro Atlanta?

  • 7.5 million
  • 6.4 million
  • 4.7 million

How many streets are there in Atlanta named Peachtree, including the main Peachtree artery that winds from downtown to the north?

  • last count was 29
  • last count was 26
  • last count was 22

If you were to ask a resident for directions to the best nightlife and dining area of Atlanta, where would they send you?

  • Chattahoochee Warehouse District
  • Buckhead
  • Decatur

Where do you go in Atlanta for fresh produce, bakery, seafood, and international foods offered at discount prices?

  • Centennial Farmers Market
  • Olympic Gardens Market
  • DeKalb Farmers Market

What is portrayed on the Atlanta city seal?

  • a phoenix rising from ashes.
  • an eagle with a throne in its talons
  • a hawk soaring over a cityscape

Where is a world famous spot in Atlanta to pick up ultimate bargains and designer goods?

  • Phipps Plaza
  • Lenox Square
  • both of the above

What is the name of a local but internationally noted architect responsible for many of the grand structures located in Atlanta?

  • Michael Graves
  • John Portman
  • Richard Meier

What is the name of one of the Victorian neighborhoods that survived both of the major Atlanta fires?

  • Inman Park
  • Grant Park
  • both of the above

What famous musician is a part-time resident of Atlanta and has a gigantic private collection of photography sometimes displayed at the High Museum of Art?

  • Sir Elton John
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Mariah Carey

The High Museum of Art recently underwent a renovation and expansion. How many square feet of floor space are enclosed within its walls?

  • 410,000 square feet
  • 312,000 square feet
  • 280,000 square feet

Where can you go while visiting Atlanta to explore 50 miles of hiking trails, two bike trails, picnicking or to try your hand at rock-climbing?

  • Chastain Park
  • Piedmont Park
  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

What record amount of water is contained in one of the tanks at the Georgia Aquarium?

  • more than 6 million gallons
  • just over 5 million gallons
  • a little under 4.5 million gallons