The Ultimate ATV Safety Quiz
by Staff
ATVs can be fun to operate in off-road areas, but like any motor vehicle they can be a lethal weapon if driven in an irresponsible way. Be careful when operating this potential bone crusher. Take this quiz to learn more about ATV safety.

In the U.S. in 2006, how many ATV-related deaths occurred?

  • 546
  • 882
  • 1026

In 2008, how many ATV accidents resulted in emergency room treatment?

  • 882
  • 73,800
  • 150,900

What can ATVs be used for?

  • fun
  • hunting
  • both answers

How much do ATVs weigh?

  • 500 pounds
  • 600 pounds
  • 700 pounds

What is the maximum speed of an ATV?

  • less than 50 mph
  • less than 60 mph
  • more than 60 mph

What group has set guidelines for the use of ATVs?

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Federal Drug Administration
  • Department of the Interior

What ATV does the CPSC recommend for children to ride or drive?

  • youth ATVs
  • youth or adult ATVs
  • no ATVS

The CPSC recommends the use of ATVs on what terrain?

  • paved roads
  • unpaved roads
  • no roads

ATVs are designed for how many riders?

  • single
  • double
  • triple

What is required for interactive riding?

  • shift body weight
  • passive driving
  • hold very still

What organization certifies helmets used for ATV use?

  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Snell Memorial Foundation
  • both answers

What is the Snell Memorial Foundation?

  • non-profit group
  • for profit helmet manufacturer
  • neither answer

What other safety gear is advised to use when ATVing?

  • gloves
  • kneepads
  • both answers

How much do the helmets cost?

  • less than $20
  • less than $30
  • less than $75

Who offers driving education classes for ATVs?

  • CPSC
  • ATV Safety Institute
  • Department of Transportation

How much do safety courses cost?

  • less than $50
  • $50 to $150
  • more than $250

How can you get a free course?

  • some manufacturers
  • some distributors
  • both answers

Why should you wear a helmet when operating an ATV?

  • required by law in some areas
  • incidence of injury is low
  • injuries are minor

How are ATVs used for hunting?

  • transport equipment
  • drag the kill
  • both answers

What can happen if you operate an ATV under the influence?

  • increases chance of an accident
  • decreases the chance of an accident
  • neither answer