The Ultimate Audubon Society Quiz
by Staff
Most people who are interested in environmental preservation will have heard of the National Audubon Society. Some may know that the society is not just for the birds. Take this quiz to learn more about the important work of the Audubon Society.

What is the Audubon Society?

  • an organization of plume manufacturers
  • a philanthropic organization of hunters
  • an organization working to protect birds and other wildlife

How important are birds in environmental awareness?

  • They are good indicators of environmental problems.
  • They attract birdwatchers who usually notice pollution.
  • They are an important part of the food chain.

How did the Audubon Society get its name?

  • founded by John James Audubon
  • in honor of John James Audubon
  • named for the Audubon family of birds

Where is the society based?

  • Washington
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City

On what does the national organization primarily focus?

  • strengthening federal environmental policies
  • promoting bird watching
  • reducing hunting of wildlife

How many birdwatchers are there in the United States?

  • 10 million
  • 30 million
  • 63 million

What is one of the factors behind the popularity of bird watching?

  • relatively inexpensive digital cameras
  • efforts of the Audubon Society
  • poor quality of television shows today

Where and when did Audubon's collection of bird illustrations first debut outside the U.S.?

  • London, 1826
  • Paris, 1870
  • Montreal, 1890

Why was the Audubon Society formed?

  • to observe bird migrations
  • to publish and distribute bird illustrations
  • to fight against plume hunters

Who was the founder of the Audubon society?

  • an avid conservation advocate
  • a big game hunter and publisher of a hunting and fishing journal
  • an amateur bird illustrator

And how did Grinnell become acquainted with Audubon?

  • He attended the school of the artist's widow.
  • He attended an exhibit of his works.
  • He had seen an illustration in a trade magazine.

How many members did the society initially have and where did they meet?

  • The exact numbers are not known but they met in the offices of the magazine.
  • A few hundred and met at the members' homes.
  • It was a society that existed and met only on the pages of the Audubon Magazine.

Who actually founded the Audubon Society as an activist group?

  • Grinnell's son Joseph, an avid advocate of wildlife preservation
  • Boston socialite Harriet Hemenway
  • Avian Chicanery, a former plume hunter

Just how did the founders organize their society?

  • They invited the high-society plume wearers to join a society for the protection of birds.
  • They distributed pamphlets to plume wearers.
  • They placed ads in the local papers calling on sympathizers to join them.

What as the actual name of their society?

  • Boston Audubon Society
  • Audubon Society for Ornithology
  • Massachusetts Audubon Society

What did the society help create?

  • first Federal Bird Reservation
  • National Wildlife Association

How did the plume hunters react?

  • They violently resisted the efforts to protect wild birds.
  • They agreed to a quota system.
  • Plume hunters created their own society and lobby.

Does the Audubon Society concentrate only on birds and their habitats?

  • Their mission is for the birds.
  • Their sister organization, the Audubon Wildlife Trust deals with other issues of preservation.
  • It lobbies for federal policies on air, water and endangered species.

What high risk areas does the society target?

  • the Hudson River and its tributaries
  • the Everglades, the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes
  • Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket

How much did the Water Resources Development Act of 2007 allocate to ecosystem restoration?

  • $25 million
  • $1 billion
  • $6 billion