Travel the World: Australia
by Staff
We all know that Australia is the "land down under" thanks to a certain song from the 1980s. But is it really the land of plenty?


  • a little-known mental disorder common in Australia
  • an island and Australian state
  • the fictitious home of Count Dracula

South Point?

  • the northernmost tip of Australia
  • a renowned surfing spot
  • the southernmost tip of Australia

Christmas Island?

  • an island roughly 1,600 miles (2,600 kilometers) from Perth
  • where Santa's operation moved in the late 1960s
  • once a part of Australia, now its own sovereign territory


  • the name of the first Aboriginal tribe
  • a mountain in the southern section of the northern territory
  • the name the Aborigines call Australia


  • the current national capital city of Australia
  • the former national capital city of Australia
  • a large city, but never the capital of Australia


  • named for Queen Nefertiti of Egypt
  • former capital city of Australia
  • the region of Australia that gets the most rainfall


  • the second most populated city in Australia
  • the most populated city in Australia
  • the smallest of the three major cities in Australia


  • the name of a popular Australian shampoo
  • home to more cats that any spot on earth
  • a city in western Australia

Lake St. Clair?

  • not a lake at all, but a river system in northern Australia
  • nickname of the part of the ocean between Australia and New Zealand
  • the deepest lake in Australia

Mt. Kosciusko?

  • a mountainous island off the coast of Japan
  • the newest hill in Australia to be classified as a mountain
  • the highest point in Australia