The Ultimate Auto Junkyard Quiz
by Staff
If you're in the auto resale or repair business or have scoured shops for project car parts, you probably already know that the junkyard of the 21st century can be a wired, high-tech and global operation. If it's been awhile, if ever, since you've roamed through aisles and piles of castoff cars and parts, maybe you'll find a surprise or two when you test your knowledge of salvage, wreckage and junk, online and in person.

What does NMVTIS stand for?

  • National Master VIN Tracking Information Service
  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
  • Nonworking Motorized Vehicle Trade-In Salvage

Auto salvage and recycling companies need to detail their inventory to the U.S. government how often?

  • twice yearly
  • monthly
  • It's voluntary, so they can report as desired.

Can you start a junkyard in your large backyard?

  • Yes, if you own the property.
  • No, it can't be in a residential neighborhood.
  • Maybe.

What happened to cars traded in with the "cash for clunkers" program in the United States?

  • They were auctioned to used car dealers.
  • They were updated and re-sold at very low prices.
  • They were junked.

Does a junkyard owner have to run a history on a car before buying it?

  • Yes
  • No

Who was "meaner than a junkyard dog?"

  • Jeremiah the Bulldog
  • Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
  • Fred Sanford

About how long does it take to crush a car?

  • 45 seconds
  • 3 minutes
  • 7 minutes

What might you have to do before driving off in a salvaged school bus?

  • Paint it.
  • Make it faster.
  • Weatherproof it.

What cartoon had an animated band that played in a Pennsylvania junkyard?

  • Hey Arnold!
  • Get Along Gang
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

  • a barge for disposing of scrapped car metal
  • a floating landfill
  • a manmade barrier reef of old autos

What is an "instant title?"

  • a false car title
  • an inexpensive temporary title
  • an expedited title

Where was the salvage shop of "Sanford and Son?"

  • Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Gary, Ind.

What happens to junkyard cars before they get crushed?

  • Certain saleable parts are stripped for resale.
  • They are crushed whole, as is, parts and all.
  • both

What is a good source for finding used car values, even for non-working vehicles?

  • Kasey Green Book
  • Kelley Blue Book
  • Keller Allstate Book

Which of these is a common rule at salvage yards?

  • no tools allowed
  • no open-toed shoes
  • no children

Where is the "highest junkyard in the world?"

  • Colorado
  • Nepal
  • Bolivia

What papers do you need in order to sell a car to a junkyard?

  • title and registration
  • proof of ownership
  • both

What is the so-called "outer space junkyard?"

  • It's an orbiting ring of junk in outer space.
  • It's a fictitious place from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
  • both

What's the difference between a "wrecking" yard and a "salvage" yard?

  • A wrecking yard is just for crushing vehicles.
  • A salvage yard is for reselling, or salvaging, wrecked automobiles.
  • no difference

How has New York City disposed of some of its out-of-service subway cars?

  • Dumped them off the Jersey Coast
  • Assembled them into public housing
  • neither