The Ultimate Autumn Accessories Quiz
by Staff
Autumn is a beautiful time of year, when the colors that begin to appear in nature can add splendor to your immediate surroundings. You can make use of these colors to beautify your home. Take our quiz to find out what you can learn about autumn accessories.

Which of these colors themes should you use to infuse your home with a sense of autumn?

  • shocking pink and navy blue
  • black and white
  • red, orange, and earth tones

Which of these is traditionally associated with autumn?

  • limes
  • pumpkins
  • grapes

Among the many scented candles on the market are some in what traditional autumn fragrance?

  • cinnamon
  • onion
  • wax

Which of these decorations is an inexpensive way to toss a hint of fall into your living room?

  • area rugs
  • paintings
  • accent pillows

A well-placed bowl of which of these candies will help remind you of the time of year?

  • candy corn
  • candy canes
  • lemon drops

Which of these chores would you most likely do during autumn?

  • shovel the snow
  • milk the cows
  • rake the leaves

What might you stuff into your curtain panels to really bring the beauty of autumn into your home?

  • some of the leaves you've raked
  • some Christmas gifts
  • some Chanukah candles

Which of these harvesting tools make a great autumn-style centerpiece?

  • farming shears
  • bushel baskets
  • shovels

Why might you use apples to decorate your home during the fall?

  • They never spoil.
  • They are in season.
  • They are the official fruit of the U.S.

Which of these practical items can lend beauty to an autumn themed dinner?

  • home-made autumn placemats
  • piles of leaves
  • a Halloween costume

What makes gourds such great centerpieces?

  • They are seasonal, colorful, and long-lasting.
  • They are recyclable.
  • They produce a wonderful fragrance.

As the weather gets cooler you can use which of these to keep both you and the color theme warm?

  • a space heater
  • autumn linens
  • a new paint job

Which of these food should you serve to satisfy the fall appetite?

  • barbecue
  • ice cream
  • soups and stews

To produce a lovely outdoor decoration, you can use cloth ribbons in fall colors to tie which of these together?

  • rice patties
  • gourds
  • corn stalks

Which of these flowers would you associate with fall?

  • roses
  • tulips
  • chrysanthemums