Quiz: Autumn Adornments
by Staff
Many people enjoy redecorating their homes to suit the season. Autumn, with its bold colors, is the perfect time to adorn your surroundings with a touch of nature. Take our quiz and find out whether you know how best to decorate your home for the fall season.

Which of these natural occurrences best represents autumn?

  • changing leaves
  • snow
  • earthquakes

Which colors are most often connected with the fall season?

  • shades of grey
  • yellow, orange, red, and brown
  • red, white, and blue

Which of these fruits might you use as an autumn decoration?

  • apples, oranges, and clementines
  • grapes
  • avocadoes and tomatoes

In what should you display your fall fruit?

  • a piano
  • a picture frame
  • a glass bowl

What can you frame to really bring the essence of fall to your home?

  • pumpkins
  • leaves
  • acorns

What should you use to dry out fallen leaves?

  • heat
  • vinegar
  • silica gel

Which color cardboard should you use as the backdrop for your framed leaves?

  • white
  • red
  • black

What should you make sure to do before using acorns as display items?

  • wash them
  • cook them
  • dry them out

Where should you go to purchase ribbon for decoration?

  • a hardware store
  • a craft store
  • a fabric store

How might you use ribbon to beautify your home for fall?

  • by tying bows to the dining room chairs
  • by pasting the ribbons to the walls
  • by framing them

Which of these is a popular symbol of the fall season?

  • grapes
  • a full moon
  • pumpkins

Besides carving them, what else can you do to pumpkins to make them more decorative?

  • paint them
  • soak them in vinegar
  • petrify them

What type of paint works best on pumpkins?

  • lead
  • oil
  • acrylic

Evergreens produce which of the following?

  • apples
  • pinecones
  • leaves

How might you use pinecones as decorations?

  • Tie one or two to a curtain ribbon.
  • Glue a few cones to the wall.
  • Cover the dining room table with them.