It's Better to Receive Than Give: AV Receiver Quiz
by Staff
An audio/video receiver is the hub of a home entertainment system. How much do you know about this essential component?

What does an AV receiver do?

  • receive e-mail
  • connect components in a home entertainment system
  • print documents

Which of these is a common receiver function?

  • switch between audio and video components
  • turns the TV on and off
  • charging station for cellphone

A receiver connects to components via which of the following?

  • inputs and outputs
  • imports and exports
  • logons and logoffs

The number of components that can be connected to a receiver depends on what?

  • the number of inputs and outputs
  • the size of the components
  • the type of components

In addition to the overall number of connections, what else should a person consider about inputs and outputs?

  • the size of the connection
  • the type of connection
  • how often the connection will be used

How is an AV receiver's power measured?

  • in decibels
  • in watts
  • in volts

The amount of power needed from a receiver depends on what?

  • the size of the speakers
  • whether you intend to watch action movies
  • the size of the room

What does the term speaker sensitivity refer to?

  • volume per watt of power
  • how much dust it will collect
  • self-adjusting bass and treble levels

A receiver's high-current power does what?

  • plays music at high volumes
  • reproduces short, powerful sound bursts
  • handles different inputs at the same time

How is speaker volume measured?

  • in watts
  • in decibels
  • in pounds

What does the receiver's power refer to?

  • volume
  • sound quality
  • both of the above
  • neither of the above

What does automatic speaker calibration technology do?

  • checks speakers for wear and tear
  • adjusts the sound of connected speakers
  • plays that funky music

In addition to monitoring volume, what else does automatic speaker calibration do?

  • cleans speakers
  • determines whether speakers are properly connected
  • prevents action movies from being played too loudly

Which of these is an iOS device?

  • record player
  • CD player
  • iPad

AirPlay compatibility allows a user to connect which of the following devices with a receiver?

  • answering machine
  • fax
  • iPod

What is a receiver interface?

  • the on-screen display
  • the place where the receiver connects to components
  • a picture of a human face taped to the receiver

What generally determines a receiver's ease of use?

  • the interface
  • power
  • the size of the receiver's remote control

What is HDMI short for?

  • High-Definition Media Information
  • High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  • High-Density Multiple Insertion

What kind of input/output connection is normally required for 3-D TVs?

  • HDMI
  • analog
  • heavy

A person whose home entertainment system will be used mostly for music should get which type of receiver?

  • home theatre
  • stereo
  • no receiver