The Ultimate Avoiding ATM Fees Quiz
by Staff
Thankfully, you are not at the total mercy of your bank and ATM machine. These days there are a number of options open to you that enable you to avoid nasty ATM fees. Do you know what they are? Take this quiz on avoiding ATM fees to see if you're an ATM maven.

When were ATMs first introduced?

  • in the 1960s
  • in the 1970s
  • in the 1980s

What makes ATMs so convenient?

  • You can find them on just about every street corner.
  • They give you freshly minted, unused bills.
  • There's no waiting in lines and you don't need to find a branch of your bank.

In 2009, what was the average fee for an ATM transaction at your local branch in the U.S.?

  • 1.8
  • 2.2200000000000002
  • 3.1

What is a "foreign" ATM surcharge?

  • a "strange" surcharge that appears to make no sense to you
  • a conversion fee for changing foreign currency through your ATM
  • a fee for when you perform an ATM transaction not through your own bank

Do all banks charge ATM fees?

  • only those in the U.S.
  • yes
  • no

If you're out of town and need the services of an ATM, but you don't have a branch of your bank in the area, what can you do?

  • Make sure to sue in court if another bank charges you for using their ATM for just one time.
  • Drive much further than you need to go, in order to locate a branch of your specific bank that has an ATM.
  • Phone your bank to see if they have a reciprocal arrangement with another bank that doesn't charge.

How much will USAA Bank refund for ATM use?

  • up to $10 a month
  • up to $15 a month
  • up to $20 a month

Under what circumstances might a bank change its fees?

  • when one bank buys out another
  • when the bank manager feels like it
  • when the bank is short for funds

Which of these are no-fee ATM networks?

  • FeeFree and NoPay
  • Bank of America and PayPal
  • Moneypass and AllPoint

Why is it sometimes a good idea to carry cash on you?

  • so you can put charity into charity boxes
  • in order to save on ATM fees by not using an ATM too often
  • because it's fairly lightweight anyway

Is the fee for an ATM transaction dependent on the amount you withdraw?

  • Yes. In fact, the more you withdraw, the lower the fee as an incentive from the bank.
  • Yes. The more you withdraw, the higher the fee.
  • No, it's a flat rate.

Why would you write out a check for more than the purchase price in some stores?

  • because it covers them for bounced checks
  • because they charge extra when you use a check
  • because they're willing to give you back the difference in cash

In what decade were private ATMs legalized?

  • in the 1980s
  • in the 1990s
  • in the 2000s

Are private ATM fees higher or lower than bank ATM fees?

  • Private ATMs have higher fees.
  • Private ATMs have lower fees.
  • They both have identical fees.

How popular are checks as a form of payment?

  • Not very. People usually use them when they can't pay by credit card.
  • Very. People use checks more often than they use credit cards.
  • Reasonably. People use checks and credit cards interchangeably.