The Ultimate Avoiding Power Tool Accidents Quiz
by Staff
Power tools are used by professionals and non-professionals alike, both in the home and in workshop environments. But safety is the key to their successful use and your health. With a bit of know-how and adequate safety measures, you can prevent most common power tool accidents. Take this quiz and see how safe your work environment really is.

According to a Hazard Screening Report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2001 there were more than 400,000 emergency-room injuries related to:

  • automobile accidents
  • preventable home accidents
  • workshop equipment and power tools

Why do the majority of power tool-related accidents injure fingers or hands?

  • because you're usually holding the object you're working on
  • because they are considered extremities
  • because fingers and hands are important to you

After an amputation following a work-related injury, what could be most affected?

  • your short-term memory and cognitive abilities
  • your dexterity and mobility
  • your sight and hearing

How do sawing injuries occur?

  • dropping the power tool onto a part of your body
  • getting distracted and looking away
  • getting your hands too close to the blade or trying to cut a piece of wood too small for the tool

To work safely, what should you use to guide the wood through the saw?

  • a gloved hand
  • a metal pole
  • a push-stick

Why is it important to read the instruction manual of your power tool?

  • to know how it works and how to use it safely
  • to know what the warranty conditions are
  • to know what model number it is and how it was designed

Knowing that the lawnmower and snow blower are outdoor tools makes people:

  • concerned for their safety
  • underestimate the risk of injury
  • dress accordingly

What could happen if you reach into a clogged snow blower?

  • It could blow snow in the wrong direction.
  • As soon as you've removed the obstruction, the blades can kick back and revolve.
  • You can land up with more damage to the machine than you started with.

Who else can be injured aside from the tool operator when an accident occurs?

  • bus drivers
  • bystanders
  • emergency staff

Why are gasoline-powered tools potentially dangerous?

  • because they are not prone to temperature fluctuations
  • because they run on high-voltage power
  • because gasoline is flammable and the fumes can explode

Which of these is a safe way of working with gasoline?

  • Refill the gasoline outside where there is lots of ventilation.
  • Turn on your machine slowly and with care to avoid the emitting of sparks.
  • Use up all the old gasoline before refilling it again.

What kind of shoes should you wear when you work with power tools?

  • leather shoes
  • rubber-soled shoes
  • closed-toed shoes

The 2009 Eye Injury Snapshot Project of the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that the ratio of eye injuries to other injuries at home due to power tools was:

  • one in three
  • one in five
  • one in eight

What is the most common type of eye injury resulting from power tool use?

  • wood or metal shavings flying into the eye
  • saw blades slipping and cutting the area around the eye
  • semi-blindness due to the effects of long-term power tool use

What is the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommendation regarding safety when working with power tools?

  • You should use appropriate protective eyewear when you use power tools.
  • You should have regular eye examinations when you use power tools.
  • You should do eye muscle exercises when you use power tools.

Why does the president of the Home Safety Council stress consistency?

  • because you should consistently read and reread the instruction manual
  • because you should consistently take appropriate safety measures
  • because you should consistently use your power tool, not stopping and starting all the time

Is a wound caused by a staple gun considered a puncture wound?

  • Yes, because it causes a lot of pain.
  • No, because a puncture wound is something to do with a bicycle puncture.
  • Yes, because it is a wound with a specific entry point into the skin.

Of all the nail-gun injuries treated in the emergency room between 2001 and 2005, what percentage were non-professionals?

  • 20 percent
  • 40 percent
  • 60 percent

Will a close-fitting leather construction glove prevent an accident?

  • only if you wear two such gloves
  • yes, hopefully
  • no, but offer protection

For safety reasons, what is the rule when using a power drill?

  • Don't force it; just use the pressure needed to steady it.
  • Press quite firmly to achieve safe and efficient drilling.
  • Allow the drill to cool down between uses.