The Ultimate Avoiding Traffic Tickets Quiz
by Staff
Driving is a convenient mode of transport, but reckless driving can land you with a hefty fine. Are you interested in learning ways to avoid getting a traffic ticket? Try taking this quiz before you take to the road.

What is the easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket?

  • Don't tailgate.
  • Stick within a herd of cars.
  • Drive within the speed limit.

How can you prevent your car from getting unwanted attention from police officers?

  • Buy a novelty license plate.
  • Keep it in good condition.
  • Stick a lot of bumper stickers on it.

Which of the following is likely to make you a target to receive a traffic ticket?

  • broken headlights
  • a flat tire
  • broken wipers

What part of the car is it important to calibrate properly to prevent you getting a traffic ticket?

  • the temperature gauge
  • the fuel indicator
  • the speedometer

Where should you travel in relation to the rest of the traffic to avoid a traffic ticket?

  • behind the pack
  • in the middle of the pack
  • in front of the pack

How can you avoid getting into an accident?

  • Match the speed of the cars around you.
  • Speed ahead of the pack.
  • Change lanes to avoid being near any cars.

If you want to break away from the pack of cars, who should you follow?

  • a fast car
  • a slow car
  • a taxi

Why is it a good idea to follow a trucker?

  • They drive at safe speeds.
  • They are kept informed about speed traps.
  • You can hide behind them.

Why should you keep your hands on the wheel if you are pulled over by a police officer?

  • It relieves the officer's apprehension.
  • It keeps you calm.
  • It makes you look innocent.

How should you address a police officer?

  • Pretend you don't speak English.
  • Do not make eye-contact.
  • Make eye contact.

What state should you keep your car in to avoid further suspicion if you get caught speeding?

  • messy
  • tidy
  • shabby

When do people tend to drive unsafely?

  • when they are excited
  • when they are happy
  • when they are tired

When planning a trip, what should you include to keep you safe on the roads?

  • rest stops
  • food stops
  • toilet stops

How can you use the people driving with you to avoid fatigue?

  • Have them hold your eyes open.
  • Get them to entertain you.
  • Switch drivers regularly.

Which feature of the car can help you keep within the speed limit?

  • power steering
  • cruise control
  • the radio

Who else, beside for cops, might report you for dangerous driving?

  • other people on the road
  • pedestrians
  • both of the above

What must you do if you are driving in another state or country?

  • Don't drive alone.
  • Learn the road laws.
  • Get an international license.

Where are speed traps often positioned?

  • in tunnels
  • on small stretches of road
  • at curves in the road

Which of the following areas of a city are well patrolled for traffic offenders?

  • construction zones
  • residential areas
  • schools

During what time of the day should you be especially careful to watch your speed?

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • nighttime