The Ultimate Back Pain Treatments Quiz
by Staff
There is a wide range of back pain treatments available, depending on the type and extent of the problem. Many of them do not guarantee a pain-free outcome, but are used to increase the patient's functional level and stop the progression of injury. Take this quiz to see what you know about back pain treatments.

What is the aim of physical therapy?

  • to make patients more flexible
  • to help patients be in control of their condition
  • to help patients walk

Which of the following can be affected by pain?

  • gait
  • sitting tolerance
  • both of the above

Which of the following is included in an assessment by a physical therapist?

  • the patient's attitude
  • the patient's favorite music
  • the patient's favorite movie

How quickly would you expect to see improvement with physical therapy?

  • immediately
  • gradually
  • after a few years

Nerve blocks are used to block pain emanating from a nerve. What sort of nerve is a nerve block used on?

  • an identifiable nerve
  • a large nerve
  • a healthy nerve

What is usually injected during a nerve block?

  • steroids
  • local anesthetic
  • antibiotics

What was the nerve block originally developed for?

  • torture
  • to test for paralysis
  • surgery

How long are nerve blocks effective for relieving pain?

  • weeks
  • months
  • years

What type of nerve block do many pain management centers depend on?

  • local anesthetic injection
  • anti-inflammatory injection
  • epidural steroid injection

What does back surgery aim to do?

  • to solely treat pain
  • to treat neurological symptoms
  • to improve bone structure

How does back surgery improve neurological symptoms?

  • It relieves the symptoms completely.
  • It relieves pain which helps with the symptoms.
  • It stops the progression of the symptoms

What is usually done during back surgery?

  • structural repairs
  • nerve removal
  • bone replacement

What is the term given to the leaking out of the jelly-like substance inside an intervertebral disk?

  • disectomy
  • lamina
  • herniation

What is radiculopathy?

  • pain that comes from a nerve root
  • phantom pain
  • unbearable pain

Which of the following is used during an open surgical procedure?

  • a small incision
  • local anesthetic
  • general anesthetic

Besides for back surgery, what other types of surgeries is fiber-optic technology used for?

  • gall bladder surgery
  • hand surgery
  • brain surgery

Why are herniated disks often not surgically repaired?

  • They don't always cause pain.
  • The surgery is complicated.
  • The patient doesn't want surgery.

What is used as part of radiofrequency treatment for back pain?

  • radio music
  • electricity
  • hot packs

What does radiofrequency do as part of the pain relieving process?

  • cause tissue damage
  • heal tissues
  • reduce nerve sensitivity

What is done during laminectomy?

  • the nerve root is removed
  • the lamina is extended
  • the lamina is removed