The Backgammon Quiz
by Staff
Backgammon takes checkers to the next level, adding speed and strategy to create a board game that's surprisingly complex. Think you can tell your points from your primes? Take our quiz to find out!

How many triangles are on a backgammon board?

  • 12
  • 24
  • 36

How many quadrants are these points divided into?

  • two
  • three
  • four

How many checkers does each person use per game?

  • eight
  • 12
  • 15

How many standard dice does each player use?

  • two
  • four
  • 10

What is the highest possible number on the doubling die?

  • 32
  • 64
  • 128

True or false: You can throw your dice anywhere on the board.

  • true
  • false

How do you let your opponent know that your turn is complete?

  • Tell him.
  • Pick up your dice.
  • Remove one checker.

What happens if you roll double?

  • Lose a turn.
  • Win 10 extra points.
  • Move four times.

Who goes first in backgammon?

  • the youngest player
  • the lowest roller
  • the highest roller

What do you call a single checker on one point?

  • blot
  • blob
  • nob

What is the line down the center of the board called?

  • band
  • bar
  • rank

How do you win a game of backgammon?

  • Capture your opponent's checkers.
  • Move all your pieces to the bar.
  • Remove all your checkers from the board.

How many winning classes are there in backgammon?

  • one
  • two
  • three

What is the term used to describe a win where one opponent fails to remove a single checker from the board?

  • double game
  • gammon
  • backgammon

What is it called when one player plays against a team of two or more?

  • revien
  • roulette
  • chouette

What is the highest class of win in a game of backgammon?

  • super gammon
  • backgammon
  • frontgammon

True or false: Betting is very common in backgammon.

  • true
  • false

What is the No. 5 point called on a backgammon board?

  • ace
  • golden
  • bar

What term describes one player owning two or more points next to each other?

  • prime
  • pride
  • prince

How many checkers do you need on a point to completely block your opponent's progress?

  • three
  • six
  • nine

How many checkers do you need on a point to keep an opponent from landing on that point?

  • two
  • three
  • four

True or false" Doubles will appear every six rolls, on average.

  • true
  • false

Where did Roman Emperor Claudius famously install a backgammon set?

  • his chariot
  • his toilet
  • his bathtub

What do you call the solo player in a chouette?

  • block
  • bank
  • box

What is it called when you raise the value of the doubling cube three times in a row?

  • aardvark
  • avocado
  • ark

When was the concept of chouette introduced in backgammon?

  • 1820s
  • 1920s
  • 1970s

Where did backgammon likely originate?

  • India
  • Mesopotamia
  • China

What were the earliest dice made from?

  • rocks
  • teeth
  • bone

When was the term backgammon first used in print?

  • 1445
  • 1645
  • 1845

What is the largest number of backgammon games played in a single hour?

  • 116
  • 216
  • 316