The Ultimate Backpacking Quiz
by Staff
Backpacking can be great exercise and lots of fun. Carefully consider the items you need to pack in your backpack and how to organize them. Take this quiz to learn more about backpacking.

What is a backpacking essential?

  • first aid kit
  • book for pleasure reading
  • iPod

What should you consider before you put an extra pair of shoes in your backpack?

  • additional weight
  • comfort of the shoes
  • both answers

Regardless of whether your backpack is waterproof, what should you do?

  • pack items in waterproof bags
  • check the weather report for rain
  • both answers

Where should you put your toiletries?

  • top of backpack
  • middle of backpack
  • bottom of backpack

Where should you put the first aid kit?

  • easy to reach, designated place
  • bottom of backpack
  • neither answer

What is the maximum amount you should carry?

  • one-sixth of your body weight
  • one-fourth of your body weight
  • one-third of your body weight

What type of fitness does backpacking require?

  • cardiovascular
  • muscular
  • both answers

How do you achieve cardiovascular strength?

  • aerobic exercise
  • visualization
  • yoga

What exercise will strengthen your back and legs?

  • deadlifts
  • sit-ups
  • push-ups

What exercise will build leg strength?

  • lunges
  • squats
  • both answers

What exercise routine is important to do after a day of hiking?

  • stretch
  • aerobics
  • leg lifts

What is a determinant of how far you should backpack in a day?

  • terrain
  • your age
  • neither answer

What is considered to be a good pace for a day of backpacking?

  • 5 miles
  • 10 miles
  • 20 miles

What type of backpack creates more heat against your back?

  • internal-frame
  • external-frame
  • both answers

Which backpack has fewer pockets?

  • internal-frame backpack
  • external-frame backpack
  • equal number of pockets

What is an advantage of an internal-frame backpack?

  • easier to balance
  • cooler
  • easier to organize

What footwear is appropriate for easier hikes?

  • trail shoes
  • hiking boots
  • sandals

How much water should you carry with you during the day?

  • one gallon
  • two gallons
  • three gallons

What is an easy way to carry two gallons of water in your backpack?

  • several small containers
  • water bladder
  • gallon jugs

How much does two gallons of water weigh?

  • 8 pounds
  • 16 pounds
  • 20 pounds