Backyard Birds Quiz
by Staff
So you think you know our warbler from your finch, your gull from your tern, your lesser goldfinch from your ... morer goldfinch? Impress friends and fowl alike by acing this backyard bird quiz.

We usually think of the oriole as a bird located on the East Coast, but where does the hooded oriole hang out?

  • the southwest of the U.S.
  • the northwest
  • the plains states

What chickadee makes its home in the southeast?

  • brown chickadee
  • the Carolina chickadee
  • grey chickadee

What bird -- that makes its home all over the United States -- is commonly called a buzzard?

  • black vulture
  • turkey vulture
  • harpy

What does a turkey vulture do when threatened?

  • emits a screeching squawking yell
  • goes straight for your hair
  • vomits

The purple finch is what color?

  • blue
  • red
  • purple

What is it called when someone imitates a bird call to attract our winged friends?

  • annoying everyone
  • slinging
  • pishing

What group of birds will all quickly fly en-masse to a tree if you disturb a group?

  • crows
  • juncos
  • hummingbirds

The American crow is super common, but what other type of crow is nearly identical?

  • Northwestern crow
  • fish crow
  • both

If you're hearing an owl during the day, you might be listening to:

  • snowy owl
  • screech owl
  • barred owl

Anna's hummingbird:

  • belongs to Anna; leave it alone
  • is common on the East Coast
  • can be seen on the West Coast year-round

The evening grosbeak is so-named because:

  • its call was thought to be heard in the evening
  • its only seen at dusk
  • its breast colors are sunset-y

The bronzed cowbird looks zombie-like due to its:

  • sash of red across its throat
  • red eyes
  • ability to play dead

A hairy woodpecker "drums" at roughly:

  • 20 times in 5 seconds
  • a beat a second
  • 26 beats per second

What is the longer name of regular old pigeons, seen all over the U.S.?

  • gray pigeon
  • rock pigeon
  • lemming pigeon

Is the pigeon native to the U.S.?

  • yes
  • to some parts
  • no

The scarlet tanager is:

  • sometimes red
  • never red
  • yellow

A yellow-bellied sapsucker is:

  • a woodpecker
  • a finch
  • a terrific insult

You might recognize the titmouse by its:

  • mohawk
  • squeak
  • get your mind out of the gutter

The Stellar's Jay call is:

  • screeching and screaming
  • melodious and clear
  • nonexistent

Which mallard sex has an emerald head?

  • both
  • female
  • male

The indigo bunting male:

  • is a bright red color
  • is a bright blue color
  • is a bright purple color

In the last couple decades, California gulls went from a population of 400 to how many in San Francisco Bay?

  • over 20,000
  • over 10,000
  • over 5,000

What hawk can occasionally appear totally white?

  • sharp-shinned hawk
  • Cooper's hawk
  • red-tailed hawk

The California and Gambel quail both have:

  • white collars
  • green breasts
  • teardrop head plumes

We often think of magpies as strictly black and white but they often display color:

  • on the top of their heads
  • on their wings
  • on their feet

The lesser goldfinch:

  • is smaller than the American goldfinch
  • is just not as good as the American goldfinch
  • has less feathers than the American goldfinch

Which is the heavy metal rock band name and NOT the name of a bird?

  • Thrasher
  • Bushtit
  • Hawkwind

What robust bird has now been introduced to Western Europe?

  • Canada goose
  • the robin
  • the bald eagle

What's the common sparrow you probably see at your backyard feeder?

  • American Tree sparrow
  • song sparrow
  • both

The Pine Warbler:

  • only eats pine needles
  • builds its nest in pine trees
  • refuses to get near pine trees