Are you a bacon sensei?
by Staff
Do you always boast to friends and family that you actually know the most about bacon? Back up your bacon bragging rights by answering these 20 questions about the most delicious porcine treat.

It turns out that bacon isn't the same bacon everywhere. What is it about American bacon that's different from other nations' flat pork products?

  • It's a whole different cut of pork.
  • It's salted.
  • It's cured.

How many restaurants in the U.S. serve bacon?

  • 25 percent
  • 62 percent
  • 94 percent

What is NOT a name for bacon in a foreign language?

  • speck
  • bikkon
  • lard sale

What is one non-pork "bacon" product offered on the Japanese market?

  • sashimi bacon
  • cow bacon
  • whale bacon

A 2013 study published in the journal BMC Medicine linked processed meats to premature death. How much bacon would you have to eat per day to hit the limit tested in the study?

  • three slices of bacon per day
  • a package-and-a-half of uncooked bacon daily
  • five slices of bacon a week

What's a rasher?

  • a virus that schoolchildren get that's similar to chicken pox
  • a person who sells bacon for a living
  • a slice of bacon, to Brits

What is NOT something you need to do when preparing bacon from scratch?

  • salt it
  • glaze it
  • cure it

What ancient culture brought us bacon?

  • Roman
  • Aztec
  • Greek

In what era did the British get the smart idea to begin breeding pigs for bacon?

  • Edwardian era
  • Elizabethan era
  • Saxon era

What common phrase came about because of bacon's popularity?

  • get to the meat of
  • one man's meat is another man's poison
  • chew the fat

What's "streaky" bacon?

  • bacon that is naked of flavorings
  • in the United States, regular old bacon
  • bacon that has a certain percentage of fat

Why are nitrates added to bacon?

  • They kill bacteria.
  • They give cured meats their color.
  • both

What percentage of Canadians would rather eat bacon than get it on?

  • more than 40 percent
  • 3 percent
  • Canadians can reproduce?

Here's a tricky question. Pork has been called the other white meat. Does that mean bacon is considered white meat?

  • no
  • yes

What kind of pig is NOT called a "bacon breed" in England?

  • Yorkshire
  • Tamworth
  • Porky

What is the No. 1 bacon-consuming city in the United States?

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Atlanta

What treat has NOT been offered on a fast-food menu in the United States?

  • bacon sundae
  • bacon apple pie pocket
  • bacon milkshake

OK, it's not necessarily a bacon question, but let's recognize the pigs who give us the good stuff. Where do more than half the world's pigs live?

  • China
  • the United States
  • friendly little farms like in "Charlotte's Web"

What pork-related deity is worshipped in some corners of the world?

  • Baconara, the pagan bacon deity
  • Diana, the Greek goddess of hunting and, thus, bacon
  • St. Anthony, patron saint of bacon

J&D's Foods is largely responsible for the "make it bacon" craze. Give the company credit for things like Baconnaise, in addition to bacon sunscreen and bacon shaving cream. How did J&D's Foods bankroll its operation at the outset?

  • fine art collection
  • won "America's Funniest Home Videos"
  • lottery