The Ultimate Badger Quiz
by Staff
If someone is pestering you, you say that he is badgering you. But does this furry animal deserve such an association? Is the badger beneficial to humans in any way? Take this quiz to learn more about badgers.

What helps badgers to dig burrows?

  • their powerful tails
  • their strong snouts
  • their powerful forelegs

Where does the badger get its name from?

  • its annoying habit of bothering other creatures
  • the "badge" on its forehead of a contrasting stripe
  • a U.S. collegiate athletic team

Of the nine species of badger, which are the most widespread?

  • the American and the Eurasian badgers
  • the two stink badgers
  • the honey and the hog badgers

Which of these best describes the body of a badger?

  • heavyset and erect
  • long and thin
  • short and broad

The badger has very good senses, except for which one?

  • a badger's hearing
  • a badger's eyesight
  • a badger's sense of smell

Where in Canada are American badgers found?

  • they're not in Canada, only America (the U.S.)
  • in the northeast
  • in the southwest

How many babies are usually in a badger litter?

  • three
  • five
  • eight

What part of the fur-making process is a badger's fur used for?

  • felting
  • carroting
  • pointing

How do coyotes benefit from badgers?

  • They use the badgers' burrows for shelter.
  • Badgers dig in the ground for their prey while coyotes look on, hoping to catch an "escapee."
  • They eat the leftover food from the badgers' meals.

What colors are common for the American badger?

  • brown or black with a gray stripe
  • grayish to reddish with a white stripe
  • brown to reddish with a black stripe

What do Eurasian badgers eat?

  • mostly lizards, frogs and insects
  • mostly fruits, seeds and roots
  • mostly insects, worms and young rabbits

What do they use Eurasian badger hairs for?

  • for fur trimmings
  • for making brushes
  • for horse whips

What do we call a group of Old World badgers that live together?

  • a clan
  • a pack
  • a bunch

How do badgers recognize members of a clan?

  • by their urine markings
  • by their unique musk scent
  • by their growls and grunts

What is the habitat of the Old World badger?

  • grass plains
  • mountainous areas
  • forest areas

Why is the fact that badgers have loose skin an advantage?

  • because they can shed their skin easily in the summer
  • because they can ease through narrow openings as the loose skin moves
  • because they can twist around to fend off an attacker even if the latter has hold of the badger's flesh

Complex burrows that Old World badgers build are called:

  • setts
  • scoots
  • chambers

Europe is home to some very old badger setts. How old are they?

  • at least 50 years old
  • over 75 years old
  • more than 100 years old

If a stink badger sprays its musk at a predator, what can happen?

  • The predator might be temporarily stunned.
  • The predator might feel pain or get sick.
  • The predator might fight back in a frenzy of rage.

Are badgers playful?

  • yes
  • no
  • only as part of the courting process