Quiz: Getting to Know Barack Obama
by Staff
If there's one clear message Sen. Barack Obama wants to get across to the voters, it's that he represents change. He also wants America to know that he's the candidate who can unite the U.S. government. So how will he do it if he's elected president?

In what year was Barack Obama born?

  • 1963
  • 1962
  • 1961

Which of the following institutes did Barack Obama attend?

  • University of Hawaii
  • Columbia University
  • Dartmouth College

Barack Obama's political career began in 1997, when he became:

  • Illinois state senator
  • Chicago mayor
  • governor of Illinois

In 2006, Barack Obama voted for H.R. 6061. What did this vote concern?

  • comprehensive immigration reform
  • chain migration
  • a fence along the U.S./Mexico border

Of the following issues pertaining to ethics and morality, which did Barack Obama vote against?

  • a Constitutional amendment that would've given Congress the power to outlaw flag desecration
  • a bill that allowed for federal funding of research using embryonic stem cells
  • an amendment to expand funding for family planning and access to birth control

In regard to Barack Obama's presidential agenda and plans for foreign policy, which of the following is not one of his goals?

  • continuing military involvement in Iraq
  • seeking talks with Iran and Syria
  • insulating the CIA from politics

Of the following statements about Barack Obama's fundraising, which is not true:

  • Most of Barack Obama's financial contributors were everyday donors.
  • Barack Obama broke Sen. John Kerry's fundraising record of $55 million in donations.
  • The Obama campaign has not received many donations through online contributions.

When Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate, critics pointed out that:

  • Biden had openly criticized Obama's lack of foreign policy experience.
  • Biden had intially declined the nomination
  • Biden had publicly stated that the nomination should go to Hillary Clinton, not to himself.

Of the following books, which was not penned by Barack Obama?

  • "The Audacity of Hope"
  • "Common Sense"
  • "Dreams from My Father"

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have how many children?

  • a daughter and a son
  • two daughters
  • one daughter and two sons