Footwear Optional: Test Your Barefoot Running Shoe Knowledge
by Staff
Do you know the bare facts about running? Race through our barefoot running shoe quiz!

Christopher McDougall's best-selling book "Born to Run" describes his encounter with a tribe that runs long distances wearing only what type of footwear?

  • moccasins
  • sandals
  • slippers

To say that a shoe has zero drop means what?

  • The sole does not give when you step onto a hard surface.
  • There's no difference between the sole's thickness from the heel to the toe.
  • The shoe wicks all moisture away from your feet as you sweat.

What does the Ice Man, found in an alpine glacier in 1991, have to do with barefoot running shoes?

  • He was wearing a foot thong when he perished.
  • He became a fashion trend-setter far ahead of his time.
  • It was discovered recently that he was a long-distance runner.

A "foot thong" is best described how?

  • sexy
  • practical
  • both of the above

What brand prides itself on having one of the thinnest soles around?

  • Vivo
  • Sockwa
  • Zem

What barefoot runner collided with American runner Mary Decker in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?

  • Wendy Sly
  • Cindy Bremser
  • Zola Budd

What do proponents of minimalist footwear NOT claim as a health benefit of wearing barefoot running shoes or running barefoot?

  • better balance
  • reversal of male-pattern baldness
  • greater foot strength

What minimalist footwear was Scarlett Johansson seen wearing in April 2011?

  • Vibram FiveFingers
  • Feelmax Osma
  • ZEM Wellness

Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopian long-distance runner, won the Olympic marathon running barefoot in what city?

  • Mexico City
  • Tokyo
  • Rome

Which of the following is a correct match-up with the brand and how they refer to the difference between the sole's thickness under the heel compared to under the toe?

  • Go-Lite : differential
  • Inov : zero-drop
  • Brooks : offset

When was the very first International Barefoot Running Day event held?

  • July 14, 2006
  • September 25, 1994
  • May 1, 2011

What brand of barefoot running shoe started the whole craze and then ended up becoming a favorite of the non-running crowd?

  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Vibram

How long does it take to transition from a traditional running shoe to going completely barefoot?

  • at least four months
  • no more than a few weeks
  • as long as it takes

If the weather outside is below freezing, how do you wear minimalist footwear and avoid frostbite?

  • You don't. It's the price you pay for better balance.
  • Run faster.
  • Wear socks.

Is it OK for barefoot running purists and those wearing minimalist footwear to socialize and run together?

  • Never; no good could come of it.
  • Only if they never bring up the subject of shoes.
  • It's totally cool.

What are "huaraches"?

  • an injury to your huaria, often occurring after running barefoot
  • a Southwestern delicacy often eaten the night before a race
  • a type of sandal used by Native American tribes in Mexico

What British long-distance runner became famous for running many of his races barefoot?

  • Eric Liddell
  • Harold Abrahams
  • Bruce Tulloh

Inov-8's minimalist reputation has been built on what type of endeavor?

  • yoga
  • water sports
  • trail running

It's said you should be able to bend your barefoot running shoe into what letter of the alphabet?

  • U
  • C
  • O

What is a barefoot hash?

  • nothing I'm willing to admit to in public
  • something they do to prepare grapes at the vineyard
  • a minimalist twist on a running-based social event