Bartending Quiz
by Staff
The best bartenders have an encyclopedic knowledge of cocktails and know how to keep things rolling while letting the liquor flow. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all things bartending!

James Bond committed the ultimate bartending faux pas when he asked that this drink be, "shaken, not stirred."

  • martini
  • margarita
  • mimosa

This tool helps bartenders create the perfect pour every time.

  • mister
  • snifter
  • jigger

Which term describes a drink served at room temperature, with no ice or chilling?

  • neat
  • on the rocks
  • straight up

Tom Cruise showed off his bartending skills in this classic 1988 film.

  • "Risky Business"
  • "Stand by Me"
  • "Cocktail"

These cocktail additives, made from herbs and roots, are used to make both a Manhattan and the classic martini.

  • sours
  • bitters
  • sugars

How can you estimate the proof of a liquor?

  • double the alcohol by volume
  • half the alcohol by volume
  • add 50 to the alcohol by volume

Which of the following is NOT typically found in an Old Fashioned?

  • vermouth
  • bitters
  • sugar

Which two ingredients make up a martini?

  • vodka and bitters
  • gin and tonic
  • gin and vermouth

Made in Mexico, this liquor serves as the foundation for the margarita.

  • vodka
  • sangria
  • tequila

What type of glass should you use to serve brandy?

  • snifter
  • shot
  • highball

What tool helps bartenders crush fruit?

  • mister
  • muddler
  • jigger

Which of the following types of drinks should be shaken prior to serving?

  • drinks made with gin
  • drinks containing sparkling water
  • drinks made with creamy liquors

What is a mist?

  • a drink served over crushed ice
  • a drink that's boiled and then cooled prior to serving
  • a flaming drink

What two ingredients make up the Shirley Temple?

  • ginger ale and grenadine
  • cola and simple syrup
  • orange juice and seltzer water

Which ingredient is NOT found in the typical cosmopolitan?

  • vodka
  • triple sec
  • vermouth

What act, passed just after the 18th Amendment, helped to bring about Prohibition?

  • Milstead
  • Hampstead
  • Volstead

What liquor is typically found in a Bloody Mary?

  • gin
  • vodka
  • brandy

What fortified wine can be found in both the martini and Manhattan?

  • quinquina
  • americano
  • vermouth

What type of liquor serves as the base for the Manhattan?

  • whiskey
  • vodka
  • rum

The majority of beer sold in the United States falls into this category.

  • lagers
  • ales
  • hybrids