The Ultimate Organizing a Basement Quiz
by Staff
Monsters may be living in your basement in the form of unsorted papers, old holiday decorations and unused tools. Eliminate your basement monsters by sorting through and organizing your basement contents. Take this quiz and learn how you can free yourself of your basement mess.

What greatly determines the purpose of your basement space?

  • the size of your basement
  • whether your basement is furnished or not
  • whether you have kids or not

What do you need to consider before using your unfurnished basement as storage space?

  • the size
  • the humidity and dampness
  • the temperature

What is an important characteristic of hoarding?

  • It impacts an individual's functioning
  • It limits living quarters.
  • It causes too much clutter.

Why should you keep a formal list of items found in your basement?

  • for organizational purposes
  • for insurance purposes
  • both of the above

Before you begin sorting through your items, you should:

  • Clear out your basement.
  • Purchase new boxes.
  • both of the above

Basement clutter and disorganization can be a symptom of:

  • low self-esteem
  • difficulty letting go
  • both of the above

Donate your unwanted items to:

  • a local thrift store
  • the Salvation Army
  • either of the above

Sort your basement items into:

  • donate, trash and keep piles
  • seasonal items, clothes and keepsake piles
  • either of the above

What item should you consider storing in your basement?

  • wine
  • legal documents
  • CDs, DVDs, tapes and videocassettes

What is a good alternative to the traditional pegboard wall unit?

  • wire mesh
  • plastic pegboard
  • either of the above