The Ultimate Basement Wall Insulation Quiz
by Staff
Basements are an important space in today's homes. Proper insulation is important to make your basement comfortable, protect your home from heat loss and prevent moisture. Knowing about basement insulation will help you maintain your home. Take this quiz to see how good is your knowledge of insulating basement walls.

How many ways are there to insulate a basement?

  • one
  • two
  • three

If insulation is improperly installed from the inside, what problems may occur?

  • odor
  • moisture
  • cost

What is the most cost effective way to insulate an existing home's basement?

  • from the outside
  • from the middle
  • from the inside

In your area, who should you contact to find out about the building codes for insulation?

  • fire department
  • building department
  • city planner

How do you determine the proper R-value (thermal resistance) for your basement's insulation?

  • insulation installer
  • insulation salesperson
  • International Energy Conservation Code

In the U.S. how many R-value zones are there?

  • two
  • three
  • five

What is the R-value for most of the country?

  • R-2 to R-4
  • R-4 to R-7
  • R-5 to R-10

The colder the climate, the _________ the R-value needed.

  • higher
  • lower
  • neither

What is the most common type of insulation?

  • blanket
  • rigid foam board
  • loose-fill

Which insulation is usually less costly than the other choices?

  • blanket
  • rigid foam board
  • loose-fill

How is loose-fill insulation installed?

  • poured
  • blown
  • both answers

What may happen if the insulation is not properly installed?

  • The thermal performance of the insulation may be less than expected.
  • The thermal performance of the insulation will be more than expected.
  • The installation will not effect performance of the insulation.

What may happen if the basement's airflow is restricted?

  • trapped moisture
  • dry basement
  • long-lasting insulation

What is a primary benefit of basement wall insulation?

  • energy cost savings
  • decrease home's value
  • increase moisture

What may be used as a vapor barrier?

  • polyethylene sheeting
  • cloth sheeting
  • paper sheeting

What are common ingredients in loose-fill insulation?

  • cellulose
  • fiberglass
  • both answers

Which type of loose-fill insulation is the most efficient?

  • cellulose
  • fiberglass
  • mineral wool

Many years ago, what type of flooring was found in the cellar?

  • dirt
  • concrete
  • genuine bamboo

Why are uninsulated basements usually cool and damp?

  • below ground level
  • at ground level
  • above ground level

Why may a dust mask or respirator be needed when installing insulation?

  • harmful to lungs
  • terrible odor
  • damaging to skin