The Ultimate Bass Fishing at Night Quiz
by Staff
If you enjoy fishing for bass, but hate to sit in an open boat while baking in the sun all day, night fishing might be the sport for you. Night fishing has been popular since the invention of a specialized bass boat for that purpose, although you can also night fish from the edge of a lake or other waterway. Take this quiz to learn more about the numerous advantages to fishing bass at night, before you head out to catch the big one.

When is the best season for night bass fishing?

  • fall
  • spring
  • summer

When did night fishing for bass become a popular pastime?

  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s

What is a prime advantage of fishing at night?

  • Bass jump at night making them easier to locate.
  • You will not likely be bothered by pleasure boats, jet skiers, and water skiers.
  • Bass feed mainly after dark.

What is another positive benefit of nighttime bass fishing?

  • Bass often wait to feed until after sundown on hot days.
  • Experienced anglers believe that they catch the larger bass at night.
  • both of the above

If you plan on fishing at night, what should you do first?

  • Before dark, you should scout out a spot near a parking area from which to launch your boat.
  • Notify campers near the lake that you will be going out at night so they can ignore your activities.
  • Make sure that you have obtained a nighttime fishing permit in addition to your license.

Once you launch your boat, what is the best way to move it out to the area you picked to night fish in?

  • You should only use oars to move your boat out on the water at night.
  • You should only use the idle speed on your motor to reach your desired spot.
  • You should only use your electric trawling motor instead of you regular outboard motor.

Where can you locate bass during the months when there is hot weather?

  • near the shore in shallow water
  • only in deeper water well away from the shoreline
  • both in shallow water near the shore and in deep water.

What specific time or times during the night do dedicated anglers feel are best for bass fishing?

  • dusk, midnight, and just before dawn
  • dusk and midnight
  • only around midnight

What kinds of nights are considered prime for the best bass fishing?

  • rainy nights
  • moonlit nights
  • calm windless nights

What is the best part of a lake to fish for bass at night?

  • At night, you should fish bass only from a boat located well out on the lake.
  • At night you should fish bass only from a boat located no more than 15 yards from the shore.
  • both places

What else will you have to do to be successful when night fishing during a full moon?

  • Wear dark clothing so fish do not spot colorful clothing reflections.
  • Adjust the type of lure you are using to suit a night with a full moon.
  • On nights with a full moon, you will have to troll back and forth instead of anchoring in one spot.

What is the best idea whenever you plan to go night fishing?

  • Let a family member or friend know where you are going and when you should be back.
  • Do not fish alone.
  • both of the above

What should you always have on your boat when out at night?

  • running lights
  • extra gasoline
  • a marine radio

What should everyone in your boat do day or night?

  • dress warmly
  • refrain from drinking alcohol
  • wear a life jacket or personal flotation device

What is the best color shade for a lure when night fishing for bass?

  • dark color
  • bright color
  • silver color

How long is a typical bass boat?

  • 14 to 16 feet
  • 16 to 18 feet
  • 20 to 22 feet

What other accessory is essential on your boat for bass fishing?

  • large bucket of water for the catch
  • good anchor
  • electric trolling motor

Why is it that bass can see dark lures easier than light colored or silver lures?

  • they are silhouetted by night sky
  • bass seek a preys shadow for night feeding
  • both of the above

Why should a night angler use a black, short-arm spinner with a single Colorado blade when fishing for bass?

  • they make a thump that attracts bass from a distance
  • they make a vibration that attracts bass from a distance
  • both of the above

What kind of water conditions are best suited to successful bass fishing?

  • water with some algae evident
  • lakes with clear water
  • turbulent or muddy water near inlets or outlets of lakes