The Ultimate Bass Fishing Swimbaits Quiz
by Staff
If you are someone who enjoys fishing for bass, then you've probably used a swimbait. Many anglers, both professionals and amateurs, have found great success pulling in the big ones when they used swimbaits. Take this quiz to learn more about bass fishing with swimbait.

What is a swimbait?

  • soft plastic bass food lookalikes
  • a conventional lure that mimics swimming motion
  • soft plastic bait that is attached to a conventional lure

Why would an avid angler choose swimbait over live bait?

  • They work better than live bait.
  • They offer a great deal of control versus live bait.
  • both of the above

Where in the U.S. are swimbaits more popular?

  • West Coast
  • East Coast
  • both of the above

How long are swimbaits?

  • 3 to 6 inches long
  • 4 to 8 inches long
  • 7 to 9 inches long

How are swimbaits manufactured?

  • with molded plastic
  • with molded silicone
  • with molded rubber

What goes into swimbaits besides heated plastic?

  • flavors and scents
  • dyes and reflective materials
  • both of the above

Are environmentalists happy about the use of swimbaits?

  • Environmentalists are happy that live bait lower on the food chain is preserved by using swimbaits.
  • Environmentalists are concerned that lost PVC plastic swimbaits can harm delicate ecosystems.
  • Environmentalists have yet to take any position on the use of swimbaits.

What kind of bass have anglers found the use of swimbaits best suited to catching?

  • black bass
  • lunker bass
  • freshwater bass

What kind of swimbait do you need if you are after largemouth bass?

  • rainbow trout swimbait
  • sunfish swimbait
  • blugill swimbait

What swimbait should you use when fishing during high-grass season?

  • hollow swimbait
  • air-filled swimbait
  • flatfish swimbait

What tackle and rigging work best with swimbait?

  • daisy chain gear works the best
  • spinning gear works best
  • surfing gear works the best

What are the two most popular fishing rigs that are used by bass anglers?

  • Texas and Carolina rigs
  • Floating Worm and Split Shot rigs
  • Carolina and Floating Worm rigs

Where would you use a crawfish swimbait?

  • soft muddy bottoms
  • rocky bottoms
  • shallow grassy waters

When would you use creature swimbait?

  • to catch smart bass
  • to catch mature bass
  • for freshwater bass

When do you use frog and tadpole swimbait?

  • top-water fishing
  • fishing above weeds
  • both of the above

What is a common and annoying issue with swimbaits?

  • swimbait sliding down the jig-head
  • failures of the hook to set
  • untimely disintegration of the swimbait plastic

What is the most important technique when using a swimbait?

  • the cast
  • the retrieve
  • the timing

What is the key to the stop-and-go retrieve?

  • imitate an injured fish
  • imitate a dying fish
  • imitate a resting fish

For what kind of bass is the deadsticking retrieve best suited?

  • Striped bass
  • Black bass
  • Spotted bass

With what lure is the twitch retrieve typically used?

  • jerkbait lures
  • tube lures
  • grubs and shads