The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Tips Quiz
by Staff
Making your bathroom shiny clean is easy to do using common household products that may be less harsh than commercial bathrooms cleaners. Take this quiz to see how good your bathroom cleaning knowledge is.

How may harsh bathrooms cleanser fumes affect your eyes?

  • burn
  • water
  • both answers

What gentle product may you use to remove soap scum?

  • baby oil
  • water
  • both answers

After cleaning with baby oil and water, how should you remove the residual baby oil?

  • vinegar
  • bleach
  • ammonia

What kind of vinegar is usually used for cleaning?

  • white
  • red
  • balsamic

To remove bath tub soap scum, how should you apply the baby oil and water mixture?

  • spray
  • pour
  • wipe

What may be substituted for a firm-bristled brush?

  • sweat socks
  • knee socks
  • old nylon stockings

On bathroom surfaces, what paste may be used for sticky soap residue and calcium stains?

  • cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide
  • baking soda and water
  • baking powder and vinegar

Where can you find cream of tartar?

  • baking aisle
  • grocery store
  • both answers

What makes an excellent non-scratch scrubber?

  • old nylon stocking
  • balled up sock
  • both answers

What popular beverage may be used to clean your toilet?

  • generic cola
  • tomato juice
  • generic orange soda

To clean the toilet, how should you apply cola?

  • pour a can of cola into the toilet
  • let cola sit
  • both answers

In the toilet, how long should the cola work its magic?

  • five minutes
  • one hour
  • two hours

How should you clean the cola drips?

  • vinegar
  • oil
  • ammonia

What cleanser may be used to remove toilet rings?

  • borax
  • baking soda
  • bleach

Where can you buy borax?

  • laundry aisle
  • grocery store
  • both answers

To remove toilet rings, how long should you leave borax in the toilet?

  • two hours
  • all night
  • 24 hours

What may clog a bathroom drain?

  • hairballs
  • sticky cosmetics
  • both answers

What may speed up a slow drain?

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • both answers

How do you apply baking soda and vinegar to speed up a slow drain?

  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 3/4 cup of vinegar
  • both answers

What may happen when you add vinegar to baking soda?

  • foaming
  • fizzing
  • both answers