Quiz: Could You Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget?
by Staff
Bathrooms are essential, but they're also an escape -- especially when they're decorated to the nines. If you'd like to transform your home's restroom into an oasis of self-restoration without dipping into your savings account, taking this budget-conscious quiz could help generate lots of ideas you'll love.

Why is redecorating your bathroom a great weekend project?

  • no one wants to decorate on a Monday
  • easy access to water
  • minimal square footage

How much should you allocate to a bathroom decorating project?

  • at least 10,000 dollars
  • a few hundred dollars
  • 2,000 dollars or more

The best bathroom wall color is white, right?

  • right
  • wrong
  • Actually, it’s ecru.

What's the cheapest way to make a big impact on the way a bathroom looks?

  • a large, new mirror
  • a fresh floral arrangement
  • a gallon of paint

What easy-to-apply accessory can give your bathroom a designer touch?

  • magnetic hooks for storage
  • vinyl decals
  • a new plunger

Does your bathroom have a fifth wall?

  • That's not possible.
  • no
  • yes

What materials can you use to make a shower curtain inexpensively?

  • bath sheets
  • tissue paper
  • acrylic paint

Hanging towels on a horizontal bar is boring, but what other option do you have that won't cost a fortune?

  • install a body dryer
  • leave wet towels scattered on the floor artistically
  • roll the towels and store in a repurposed container

What's a frugal way to add more elbow room to your shower without taking up additional space?

  • a curved shower curtain rod
  • install a soap caddy
  • it's not possible

How can you get one-of-a-kind new window treatments without blowing your budget?

  • ask your neighbor if you can have theirs
  • repurpose ordinary textiles
  • use a coupon when purchasing

What's one way to customize an inexpensive shower curtain?

  • add ready-made beaded trim
  • save up and buy a designer version instead
  • spray paint

What technique adds a personal touch to bathroom curtains without breaking the bank?

  • vinyl decals
  • permanent markers
  • fabric paint

Which simple move is one of the most effective ways to make small shower areas seem larger?

  • scrub away the soap residue
  • hang the shower curtain closer to the ceiling
  • replace the bath or shower mat

What does reglazing bathroom items entail?

  • polishing the chrome
  • adding a faux finish
  • sanding and applying a special paint

What's the best way to cut the cost of a framed bathroom mirror?

  • have a glass specialist cut it to fit an existing frame
  • buy one that is damaged or has a small crack
  • purchase in the spring, when prices are lower

What simple step can add a high-end -- and inexpensive -- touch to your bathroom?

  • buying new towels
  • installing tile
  • misting towels with aromatic spray

What everyday item can breathe new life into bathroom décor?

  • a dress form
  • a small mirror
  • a set of measuring cups

Which of the following is a winning strategy for adding more counter space without remodeling?

  • store toiletries out of sight
  • add an additional towel bar
  • change the paint color

What color scheme can give your bathroom a spalike appeal?

  • green, blue and tan
  • colors of the rainbow
  • monochromatic

Where's the best place to shop for bathroom fixtures?

  • in the kitchen fixture section
  • in the bathroom fixture section
  • Don't replace the fixtures; it's too expensive.