The Ultimate Bathroom Remodeling Quiz
by Staff
Decorating your bathroom can provide you with hours of shopping pleasure. Take our quiz and learn some great tips for decorating your bathroom.

What is an advantage of a pedestal or wall-hung sink?

  • It provides easy access for wheelchair users.
  • It takes up less space than an in-counter sink.
  • It is cheaper than an in-counter sink.

What is the latest look in lavatory (in-counter) sinks?

  • a simple bowl that sits atop the counter
  • stainless steel sinks inlaid into the counter
  • ceramic or stainless steel sinks decorated with semi-precious materials

Which is the most contemporary toilet style?

  • tank and seat in one piece
  • tank and seat in separate, but closely placed pieces
  • tank and seat separate, with the tank high on the wall

What is the disadvantage of a combined bath and shower?

  • Two people can't use the two facilities at one time.
  • The rounded sides of the bath are treacherously slippery.
  • The bath cannot then have a whirlpool function.

When choosing a new shower head, it is best to choose one that has a pressure balancing valve. What does this do?

  • prevents sudden blasts of hot water
  • evenly distributes the water through all the holes in the shower head
  • keeps water pressure to a minimum to conserve water

What is a bidet?

  • a luxury European vanity
  • a cosmetic chest
  • a sit-down washbasin

What is a good way to minimize bathroom clutter?

  • Store most things out of the bathroom.
  • Install cabinets that have rounded edges.
  • Paint the cabinets the same color as the walls.

What is the most economical material for a bathroom countertop?

  • marble
  • laminate
  • ceramic tile

What item is essential in any bathroom?

  • an efficient water heating system
  • a good ventilation fan
  • a floor mat to prevent tile damage

What materials are best recommended for bathroom walls and flooring?

  • ceramic and marble
  • ceramic and laminate
  • any material, so long as its waterproof

Which woods withstand moisture best?

  • redwood and cedar
  • pine and oak
  • cherry and mahogany

What is the ratio of artificial light needed for a bathroom?

  • 2 watts per square foot
  • 4 watts per square foot
  • 8 watts per square foot

What is the best position in a bathroom to place the mirror lights?

  • above the mirror
  • on both sides of the mirror
  • at a distance

What does a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) do?

  • In case of water coming in contact with electricity, it shuts off the electricity supply.
  • If the lighting in the bathroom overheats, it automatically switches it off until it cools down.
  • It is a electricity-saving device that minimizes electric output.

What is the best way to lay out a bathroom?

  • Have all pipes laid under the floor.
  • To prevent cross currents of water, have supply and waste pipes far away from one and other.
  • Have all pipes located in one wall, for easy maintenance.